Rules of Govindas Limework
  1. No hacking or using mods which give an unfair advantage over other players. This includes hacked clients, bots, macros, minimaps, mods which lets you do something that you couldn't without the mod and see something that other players can't. This also includes edited gaming mouses to get higher CPS(Any higher CPS than 15 is not allowed and might result in a ban for autoclicker.), minimaps and similar. But there are some mods which are allowed! Allowed mods: OptiFine, Better Sprinting(Only the sprinting feature), EffectStatusHUD, and all mods which only changes animations and graphics.(Like shaders and better animations mods). If mod which you are using is not on this list, please tell about it to the staff so you can know if it's allowed or not.
  2. Do not use too much caps, some amount is allowed. It's not good to type messages like this for example: "EVERYONE PLEASE JOIN 1v1! I'M BORED." to be noticed easier. But you are okay to type like this: "EVERYONE please join 1v1! I'm bored."
  3. Spamming is not allowed. You are not allowed to repeat the same message or just keep sending useless messages fast. Please keep the chat clean.
  4. Respect all staff and players with any prejudice. You are not allowed to say disrespectful words about people or annoy people by saying things which they don't like. This also includes words such as "noob", "rekt", "get good". Talking bad about our server also counts as disrespecting since you are disrespecting all our staff hard work which cost a lot of hours. Shortening Govindas name counts as disrespecting too.
  5. Do not exploit any bugs/glitches. Report them with the /report command. Exploiting bugs/glitches will get you nowhere, if we catch you(And yes we will do! You can't hide it forever.) you will lose more than you gained by exploiting them. If you report them, you will be rewarded! So it's obvious which way is more worth it to select.
  6. Do not be a racist or ageist. It does not matter if you are black or white, or even green. This is Minecraft.
  7. Play fair, do not ruin fun for others. Please do not focus on some specific player and kill that player every game first, or do not team too much. Just remember don't do what you wouldn't like if other players would do it to you!(This does not include point of the game for example killing)
  8. Do not ask for ranks, items, op etc. Example of what happens often: a player joins the server and instantly asks can I be staff? Think what would happen if a player like that would get staff? He/she does not know anything about the server yet other than just a few things which he saw when just joined. A staff member like that would ask players questions, not players ask him/her. If you think that you could help the server change in a better way by being a staff member, look HERE for requirements. Repetitive askers for op/staff and similar will be muted.
  9. Advertising other servers/websites is not allowed. We do not advertise in other servers like most servers, so be fair and do not advertise in ours. Advertising will result in a ban. Advertising counts as sharing websites/IPs/servers in global chat, private message, plot chat, party chat, signs, and any other possible way which could make our players quit and join something other. Also, spam advertising our server on other servers is not allowed, because it ruins our server's reputation.(Players who will do this will be banana'ed on my server if I see enough proof of it and they continue after a warning.)
  10. Inappropriate skins/names/messages/builds are not allowed. The name explains everything.
  11. Do not abuse rank powers. If you are a staff member, you are not allowed to use your powers to get an advantage over other player or change the game in some way, unless it's a special event.
  12. Respect all religions. Our server does not support any specific religion - we accept players from all religions and we want them all to be friendly with each other.
  13. Do not impersonate anyone. You are not allowed to impersonate staff members or any person. Be yourself. Remember that staff members have tags like "OWNER", "MOD", "ADMIN". If a player who says that he/she is a staff member does not have a tag like that, he/she is lying.
  14. Do not swear. Swearing is completely not allowed on our server. You will be muted instantly if you swear.
  15. Using more than one account for yourself to gain any advantage over other players who use only one account or to avoid bananas/mutes is not allowed.
  16. Griefing is not allowed.(Griefing is allowed only in 1v1, Spleent and Sky Walls) This mostly is Friendly Survival, Old-school Survival and Creative World rule, but it is also not allowed in most other things if you have a way to grief.(If you are a staff member) What is griefing? Destroying your own/other people creations.(You can remove your house or similar, but only if you rebuild terrain in that place exactly as it was.) Also building 1x1 towers, digging 1x1 holes, placing random blocks around and in any way destroying terrain and making it look worse falls into griefing rule here.
  17. Stealing in Friendly Survival & Old-school Survival is not allowed. Breaking valuable blocks, taking items which you do not own etc. counts as stealing and is not allowed. Taking items from chests which you do not own is only allowed if the player is inactive, but even if the player is inactive it's not allowed to break any blocks which he owns(counts as griefing) unless you have a special permission to remove that player's house or similar.
  18. Selling items, houses, plots and similar for real life money is not allowed. It violates Mojang's EULA.
  19. Copying parts of our server is not allowed. For example worlds, our game modes, etc.
  20. Do not argue with the Creator. Creator's word is final. Arguing with the Creator only wastes Creator's time and results in less progress on improving the server.
  21. There are no refunds, so do not ask for a refund if you donated. We cannot support refunds, because then some players would do refunds once they stop playing on our server.
  22. Lying about other people actions in a way to offend them or to make someone think that they did something that they didn't isn't allowed. For example, saying things like "A staff member said to me that I will be promoted to admin in a week"(while a staff member didn't say it) is not allowed. Another example: "Some player was bullying me and being very disrespectful, can you mute him? the name is: SomePlayer"(while that player did not do that) is also not allowed, so any tries to get someone falsely muted/banana'ed for doing something that they didn't and lying what other people said/did are against this rule.
  23. Redstone which activates itself fast(clocks or similar) is not allowed. Because it can cause server-wide lag.

If players fail to follow these rules they may be issued the following infractions:

  1. They can get a warning.
  2. They can get temporarily banned
  3. They can get permanently banned
  4. They can get banned from a specific game.
  5. They can get temporarily muted.
  6. They can get permanently muted.
  7. All stats or some game stats can be deleted.
  8. Their leaderboards score can be deleted.
You are responsible for all actions done with your account. If your account has been stolen and you changed your password we might unban you if it's a permanent ban, for that you need to contact one of the staff members with good enough description of your problem for us to believe that your account has been stolen.
You are responsible for your family problems such as brothers/sisters playing with your account, etc. Have a password which they do not know to solve these problems. We will not unban/unmute you if your brothers/sisters broke a rule with your account.