Minecraft Server Rules of Govindas Limework

No using mods which give an unfair advantage. This includes hacked clients, bots, macros and minimaps. No clicks per second higher than 15.

No spamming

Respect all users

No exploiting any bugs and/or glitches. Please report them with /report bug, you'll be rewarded if deemed appropriate. Hiding the exploit may result in a reset of your account.

No advertising of other servers. Private message to a friend is allowed.

No inappropriate skins, names, messages and/or builds.

Do not impersonate anyone. Staff members have tags like "CREATOR", "CO-CREATOR", "DEV", "MOD", "BUILDER", "Staff" in front of their names.

Do not swear. Swearing is completely not allowed on our server.

Do not use more than one game account to gain advantage over players that do not.

Griefing is not allowed in Friendly Survival / Creative World. Please keep the world clean and buildings that you do not own untouched.

We are more lenient about rule-breaking in private chats as we wish to protect our user privacy and not monitor private messages, however in extreme cases we will take care of those too. You can use Minecraft's ignore function to not receive private messages from someone.

If the player fails to follow these rules they may be issued the following infractions:

They may receive a warning.

They may be banned from the server.

They may be banned from a specific game.

They may be muted.

All or specific statistics may be deleted.

You are responsible for all actions by your account. If, however, your account has been stolen and you changed your password, we may unban/unmute you if you submit a ban appeal.

Last update: 2022-03-23