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Summary [3/3]! Giant Castle Wars Update and Sprays [Beta] release with a pinch of bugfixes!

Castle Wars Update!

New Map!

A new awesome map was added! It is named Oasis and was built by a lot of people from the Govindas Limework staff team. The whole list of contributors by order of contribution below: 
CREATOR Govindas
CO-CREATOR Vampire_Artyom
BUILDER Bluey10429
BUILDER uwubunny 

  • The map has a River in the middle with actual simulated River flow! You can see leaves and similar stuff flowing in the river! 
  • Units can now easily walk in 1-meter deep water. 
  • Units slowly swim in 2+ meter deep water.

New Pathfinding AI! 

  • All units now have a new awesome Pathfinding AI!
  • It is much smarter and units no longer get randomly stuck on blocks.
  • Units can finally walk long distances without getting stuck and walk on rough terrain. 
  • Also, the Pathfinding AI was optimised overall.

Death messages for troops!

  • They are made that way which won't spam the chat. 
  • Death messages are sent with a 5-second cooldown to prevent spam. 
  • Example of the message: "Wizard has killed Archer (x10)"

Archers Rebalance!

  • Archers now deal more than x2.4 less damage.
  • The velocity of shot arrows was increased.
  • Stand Ground stance is now enabled by default for archers.
  • Custom bow charging animation system! 
  • They now charge their bows in synchronisation with shooting arrows.
  • Archers now don't always have 100% accuracy. 
  • First arrow shot is less accurate than the next ones. 
  • Archers never completely miss.
  • Archers are unable to shoot while swimming.

New Horse Archer AI!

  • First and most importantly, Horse Archer AI now works.
  • Horse Archers can now shoot while being moved by the player. 
  • You can just move them around the enemy castle at high speeds and have enemies eliminated, they are awesome for quick and fast-paced attacks. 

Wizards Rebalance!

  • Wizard's arrow blocking ability now has 3 block radius (2 --> 3).
  • Wizards now lose less health from the ability above.
  • Wizard will no longer use magic when his health is too low to avoid death and regenerate health back to normal.

Gather Point!

  • Gather point selection was added. Use DROP KEY with a wooden sword to open it, afterwards select unit and their gather point will be set to the block you were looking last at.
  • Unexpectedly, units would gather at that point.


Other Changes

  • All blocks above sold wall now get sold.
  • Bricks are now unplaceable above air blocks.
  • Day and night cycle was introduced!
  • Troop fall damage was reduced by x2.
  • GUI error buttons are now much easier to understand.
  • Example: "Not enough gold!" message would stay on screen until there would be enough gold, instead of disappearing after 0.5 seconds.

[BETA] Sprays!

  • Spray is a 128x128 image, completely fitting into a Minecraft map. 
  • You can use sprays in any minigame, lobby or in Parkour. 
  • They have a 10-second cooldown and a limit of 5 sprays per match if you are in-game
  • Sprays placed outside minigames disappear after 30 seconds. 
  • Sprays placed in minigames are kept until the game end.
  • Sprays are a VIP-only feature.
  • Sprays can be used by pressing the SWITCH HANDS button.


  • GL-214 Voting for special maps doesn't work in Snowball and Govindas SG.
  • GL-215 Double chests do not generate items properly in Govindas SG.
  • GL-216 Line formation prevents units from going through the bridge.
  • GL-217 Slimefun trees appear in Castle Wars map. 
  • GL-218 King of the Castle drops his sword on the game end.
  • GL-219 Emblem drawing doesn't work.
  • GL-220 You could place wall blocks outside your area.
  • GL-221 Blocks outside your area are not being properly reset.
  • GL-222 If a player stands directly inside a troop, archers cannot kill that troop. 
  • GL-223 Arrows can not go through horses of teammates.
  • GL-224 Many troops try to mount the same horse.
  • GL-225 Troops killed stat isn't being reset at the start of a new match.

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Summary [2/3]! Lots of bugfixes, Quality of Life improvements and, most importantly, Emblems and Castle Wars updates!

Castle Wars Update!

New Wall Building System!

  • You can now place bricks the vanilla way. 
  • Breaking blocks sells them back for 1 Stone.
  • Old building method is still available, but to use it, you have to press SNEAK.

Equipment Drops!

  • When a troop is killed, he now drops parts of its equipment on the ground.
  • It disappears within a minute or after a certain limit is reached.

Other Changes

  • Idling troops were optimised.
  • The player's emblem is now shown above the king.
  • Archers AI was improved!


  • You can draw your own Emblem (of 10x10 size, 100px in total) by using /emblem. 
  • You can use the command anywhere in the server! 
  • Emblem of a player is displayed in the scoreboard, when you enter their land, for 5 seconds. 
  • Also, it's shown above the king in Castle Wars. 
  • You can click anywhere once to remove it quicker.
  • The Emblem is not displayed if the player has not created their Emblem yet. 

Other Changes

  • Wither spawning was disabled in Creative World.
  • The levelling system was rewritten in Friendly Survival.
  • Level progress (Farming, Mining, Hunting) is now shown in the bossbar instead of action bar in Friendly Survival!
  • Now there is a bossbar, showing server's IP, which appears in most games apart from Survivals.

  • Bossbar now shows Juggernaut Health in Snowball and Elemental Archers.
  • Phantom shield blocking in 1.8-like combat was removed server-wide.


  • GL-206 Wizards block allied arrows.
  • GL-207 Left clicking with an item is not properly registered.
  • GL-208 Juggernaut is not being set properly on a kill in Snowball and Elemental Archers.
  • GL-209 Phantom armour bars appear after Snowball games.
  • GL-210 Custom damage of items doesn't work at all in Govindas SG.
  • GL-211 Some stats aren't saved with logout kills in Govindas SG.
  • GL-212 Armour bars reduce damage in the Realm of Almarath.
  • GL-213 Ability PvP killstreak armour is infinite, meaning you can reach damage reduction above 100%, healing the player.

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As an excuse for a long wait, we publish not one summary, but three of them! [1/3] Enjoy! This week: Portuguese language support, Decoration Heads and Parkour QoL changes!

Portuguese language support was added!

Giant thanks to TugaG4mer for translating server content to Portuguese!

Creative World Update!

  • There is now a tremendous amount of custom Decoration Player Heads! [21,000+]
  • Furniture names are now in a better format.

Parkour Update!

  • Leaderboards were added to every parkour, showing best times.
  • Anticheat now supervises and records all parkouring players, completely eliminating unfairness in parkour.
  • There are now Old Record and New Record appearing when you beat your last record.
  • "Old Record" and "Wins" lines were added to the scoreboard.
  • /resetparkour now teleports you to start of the parkour instead of teleporting to the Lobby.

Survival Update!

  • ExoticGarden Slimefun addon was updated in Friendly Survival, bringing to us a new machine: Kitchen.
  • You are now forced to read rules in Friendly Survival / Old-School Survival to be able to break/place blocks.

Other Additions

  • Realm of Almarath mob spawning system was rewritten and optimised.
  • The Mining Camp creepers spawn system in The Creeper Cave is now bugless, lagless and much faster!


  • GL-203 Time elapsed is not being shown properly in the scoreboard.
  • GL-204 ExoticGarden plants incorrectly spawn/respawn/break.
  • GL-205 Players disappear from the tab list if you turn off player visibility in Parkour and The Mining Camp.


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Last week brought to us Castle Wars & Snowball Updates, as well as new Danish translation! Let's look further into the changes!

Danish language support was added!

Giant thanks to fahvi for translating server content to Danish!


Castle Wars Update!

New Wizard Troop!

  • Wizard uses magic to make enemy arrows not hit allied units in radius of 2 at the cost of a small amount of his health.
  • Wizard attacks using spikes which appear from the ground below the feet of the enemies. Spikes deal 9 damage with a 5-second cooldown, ability drains wizard's health on use and only works in 15 block range.
  • Cost: 30 Gold.

Wall Improvements & Selling

  • Exploding walls is now harder.
  • Walls will first become cracked and only afterwards could be destroyed.
  • Walls now have proper gravity! No flying blocks would appear.
  • Use RMB while looking at a wall block and holding Place Brick tool while not being in building mode.
  • You get 1 Stone for selling normal wall block and 0.5 Stone for selling cracked wall block. You cannot sell walls if there is enemy troop within 10 blocks radius of it.

Archer AI Improvements

  • Archers now only rotate their head instead of adjusting the position after they miss a shot.
  • Archers now run away and shoot back when enemies are too close.
  • Archers are now unable to shoot for 0.5 seconds after receiving a melee/projectile hit.

Creeper Rebalances & Changes

  • Creepers now take x2 longer to explode.
  • Creepers now have fuse animation like in vanilla & enter fusing state.
  • Creepers now walk 10% faster
  • Creepers will now explode eventually when they get damaged by melee attacks a few times.

Other Castle Wars Changes

  • Attack Speed and Line of Sight stats are now tracked in the unit training menu.
  • If your army is under attack, it is now getting shown in the title.

Snowball Update!

New awesome lobby was built by Build & Out build team for our server! 

New Modifiers

  • Fast Snowballs: unexpectedly, it makes your snowballs always go fast.
  • No Compass: disables compass in the game.

Other Snowball Changes

  • Snowball speed is now tracked using the XP bar.

Bug Fixes

  • GL-187 Whenever you win, you also automatically lose in Castle Wars.
  • GL-194 Infinite fly & castle wars hotbar items exploit outside Castle Wars game.
  • GL-195 Map resets incorrectly in Castle Wars.
  • GL-196 You get more XP from inflicting fire damage in AbiltyPvP.
  • GL-197 Waiting Queue Status sometimes shows different language than selected.
  • GL-198 Troops do not reset properly on server restarts in Castle Wars.
  • GL-199 Creeper explosion damage is wrong in Castle Wars.
  • GL-200 Super jumps aren't given every minute to players at the low floor in Spleent.
  • GL-201 Team detection of troops makes some troops act weird in Castle Wars.
  • GL-202 Game win rewards are wrong in Castle Wars.

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Summaries are back being weekly, I hope we would be able to continue doing them at this pace. This week mainly focused on translations and bug fixes, check out the changes!

Friendly Survival Update! 

  • Realistic Animals AI was created! Animals now eat, poop and starve! [WIP]
  • Custom Taming system now works on Llamas.
  • Doors no longer can be opened in claimed land by non-members.

Other Changes

  • Gamecore is now translatable!
  • Castle Wars units were optimised.
  • Doors no longer can be opened in claimed land in OSS by non-members.

Bug Fixes

  • GL-184 If one king dies it results in the game being over in Castle Wars.
  • GL-185 Castle Wars bugs prevent the game from working properly.
  • GL-186 Old-school Survival resource pack doesn't work.
  • GL-187 Whenever you win, you also automatically lose in Castle Wars.
  • GL-188 Enemy horses could disrupt wall building even if you have captured them in Castle Wars
  • GL-189 It does not say any chat message when the enemy king dies.
  • GL-190 Game spectators do not work properly.
  • GL-191 When you get teleported to an unloaded chunk while using the elytra you receive infinite flight.
  • GL-192 The animal taming system in Friendly Survival doesn't work.

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