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Latest Announcements

New Coal Cave in The Mining Camp!

  • The Coal Cave in The Mining Camp has just received a rebuild! The map was built by BUILDER Cactusism and BUILDER VisionWard13....

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General Improvements!

  • Cross-server spectating is now a possibility.
  • Cross-server world changing now requires fewer switches in-between worlds.
  • Pre-game waiting queue now ends as soon as all players leave the queue.<...

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This week we have made the Party System back working,  some Quality of Life additions, Castle Wars polishes and Bugfixes.


Castle Wars Update!

  • /debug command was added. It shows the reasons why the unit is not attacking above their head.
  • Unit Selection Wand now can select units into a cuboid via 2 LMB clicks.
  • Selected units...

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The current week was heavily dedicated to making the server more new-player-friendly, finishing up huge technical systems which were left unfinished since we have split to bungee and further improvement of the Mini Sky Walls gamemode! Enjoy the summary!

Mini Sky Walls Update!

Additions & Balances

  • New Archer Class!
  • Cost: 1500 Emeralds.
  • Requirement: 10+ Elemental Archers wins.
  • Starting Items: Bow
  • On-Death Extra Items:...

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We've realised that our Mini Sky Walls gamemode has tremendous potential. Because of that, next weeks will be dedicated to getting this gamemode polished, updated & bugfree.
Apart from that, we are actively working on finishing the server transfer to the bungee system and getting rid of the pesky bungee-related bugs which were found in the meantime.

Mini Sky Walls Update!

Quality of Life Changes

  • Any pickaxe tier is now sufficient to mine any ore.
  • If you are already under Haste effect from the <stro... />

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