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Main server upgrade
7 days ago

Our hosting provider will be moving our main server onto a new processor today, which will result in far greater performance.

There will be some downtime as I will likely be not available to setup everything immediately, expect downtime of up to 16 hours. If main server is down, only fallback server can be accessed, so it'll be unplayable. For future I am slowly working towards easier manageable structure which will not require absolute main server uptime.

EDIT: It is being later than announced, so it may happen at September 14th instead

EDIT 2: maybe September 15? or 16? wow they're being really late on their word.

It has been done at September 16th night, we had exactly 9 hours of downtime

Update on things
16 days ago

Hello everyone! we haven't been posting anything on our website as we were very busy with working on the server and we had decided to focus on posting updates on Discord as its community is bigger, however, it's also good to have community split between a few places so if one goes down, it's not the end. So I am likely going to be posting things here once again!

Currently the biggest focus goes to Castle Wars and Friendly Survival development, only bugfixes for the other gamemodes, you can always check latest daily updates in /updates command in-game, they aren't formatted in professional way, just daily posts of what has been made/changed.

Update Summary December 23rd to December 29th
9 months ago

Technical Changes

  • Minecraft 1.15.1 is now supported.
  • Immense Code changes were made to support Skript 2.4.


Quality of Life Changes

  • The Seismic Wave is now more intuitive to use, it is no longer pitch-dependent in the Ability PvP.
  • Mining XP gains were massively increased in the Friendly Survival.
  • All stone types now grant Mining XP in the Friendly Survival.
  • Player health is now visualised in the tab list in the Friendly Survival.
  • Gladiator set enchants were buffed in the Mini Sky Walls.
    • Sharpness (III --> IV) 
    • Protection (III --> IV)
  • Lucky Block Ghasts now appear 5 meters above the Lucky Block to be less likely to suffocate in Mini Sky Walls.
  • Stick crafting recipe no longer supports different plank types at once in Mini Sky Walls.



  • GL-401 Falling into void doesn't reset Ability PvP items in the Main Lobby. 
  • GL-402 Tournament event constantly spams single players in the Waiting Queue. 
  • GL-403 You can kill mobs as a spectator in the Mini Sky Walls.
  • GL-404 Team sizes in the waiting lobby and in-game are inconsistent.
Update Summary December 16th to December 22nd
9 months ago

Knockout Technical Changes

  • Knockout code was drastically rewritten.
  • Hit detection for Knockout was made asynchronous. 
  • Hits now register and knockback might take place 1-50ms faster and more accurately. 


Quality of Life Change

  • Main Lobby no longer has fake presents.



  • GL-398 Projectile kills aren't counted properly.
  • GL-399 Vertical knockback is weird in Knockout.
  • GL-400 Translation system might sometimes use corrupt data, causing discord in player languages. 
Update Summary December 9th to December 15th
9 months ago

Old-School Survival is going down

The decision to abadon Old-School Survival was made due to multiple reasons:

  • Low new player-friendliness.
  • Low player count.
  • Swift Minecraft alterability.
  • Irrelevancy.
  • Impossibility to fullfil the initial purpose of the gamemode effectively without usage of mods.

As old things perish, new things appear... Nothing remains forever... Thank you for being a part of this gamemode for so long, but it has to go. We need to move further and sacrifice something for the sake of directing all our effors on improving other parts of the server.


Technical Changes

  • Minecraft 1.15 is now supported server-wide.
  • Custom avatars now work on the website.


New Knockout Knockback System!

  • Most of the knockback is now calculated server-side, which achieves better AntiKB-protection and brings the client-side difference in knockback to a minimum.


Friendly Survival is now even friendlier!

New players now receive a starting kit, which contains the following items:

  • 9 Bread
  • 16 Oak Wood Planks 
  • 1 Boat.



  • GL-395 The second line is sometimes white in the chat messages.
  • GL-396 GBot doesn't recognise offline players from online players
  • GL-397 GBot marks the website link as an advertisement.

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