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Latest Announcements

Friendly Survival Update!

New Mustafar Spawn! It was built by xShadowboltx a very long time ago but was added only now!



  • Items which fall in the void will onwards appear in The End Dimension.
  • Blazes spawn much more frequently in Mustafar.
  • You can now craft shears with Unbreaking V using 2 Iron Blocks.
  • Entity limit is now 20 entities per 32 blocks.


Other Changes

  • Server's MOTD in the server lists is now back to a more informative one. 
  • You now spawn at the further spawnpoint from your last death location in Elemental Archers and Snowball.
  • New /entity command in Creative World was added. It be can be used starting from Plot Member+ and it's purpose is to rename entities.



  • GL-318 Creative World creative mod cross-server exploit.
  • GL-319 Dimensional Warps are broken in Friendly Survival.
  • GL-320 Wizards aren't trainable anymore in Castle Wars.
  • GL-321 Arrows do no damage to units in Castle Wars.
  • GL-322 Critical Emeralds-related cross-server exploit.
  • GL-323 /recipes don't function properly in Friendly Survival. 

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New Coal Cave in The Mining Camp!

  • The Coal Cave in The Mining Camp has just received a rebuild! The map was built by BUILDER Cactusism and BUILDER VisionWard13.
  • Try finding all the hidden easter eggs even we don't know about! 


General Changes!

  • Skript version on Friendly Survival was changed. [2.2 dev36 --> 2.3.7]
  • 7-row Chest GUIs now function incorrectly in Minecraft 1.14 and hence, they were changed to 6-row ones.


Castle Wars Adjustements!

  • Units will now follow attack orders more closely, and wouldn't be disturbed by other enemy units that easily, i. e. they wouldn't try to attack units more than 3 blocks away from the target.
  • Players can no longer move units by collision, but units will still be able to collide.



  • GL-317 Leave the game button in Castle Wars doesn't work.



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General Improvements

  • Cross-server spectating is now a possibility.
  • Cross-server world changing now requires fewer switches in-between worlds.
  • Pre-game waiting queue now ends as soon as all players leave the queue.
  • Friendly Survival code was optimised.


Waiting Events!

  • WAITING EVENTS are little short events which happen in waiting lobbies.
  • New Event: Tournament. [2+ Players]
  • Everybody is given either Archer or Swordsman class, last standing player wins.



  • GL-32 Checkers aren't working.
  • GL-313 Mining level bossbar shows incorrect level.
  • GL-314 Party chat isn't working.
  • GL-315 Mysteria dimension isn't working in Friendly Survival.
  • GL-316 Groups chunk claiming doesn't work properly.



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This week we have made the Party System back working,  some Quality of Life additions, Castle Wars polishes and Bugfixes.


Castle Wars Update!

  • /debug command was added. It shows the reasons why the unit is not attacking above their head.
  • Unit Selection Wand now can select units into a cuboid via 2 LMB clicks.
  • Selected units are now limited to 32.
  • Alive units per team are now limited to 64.
  • Archers accuracy now increases as they practice.


Network Progress

  • Party System is back working.


Creative World Changes!

  • "Plot Commands" menu now has a "Plot Name" option in Creative World.
  • You can now warp players to your plot in the Creative world or to the Parkour course you're playing using /p warp.
  • Players will not be warped if they're already in a Parkour course.
  • You can no longer place blocks on spawnpoints in Mini Sky Walls.
  • Blocks near the Crystal of Life are now breakable in Mini Sky Walls.
  • Cracked players now have to re-enter login and password only every 2 hours.



  • GL-305 Archer rotation when ordering to shoot them to a specific location is broken.
  • GL-306 Units constantly lose their targets.
  • GL-307 Archers try to shoot through blocks in some situations.
  • GL-308 Units had a very long delay for finding new targets in battle
  • GL-309 Commands aren't available in Friendly Survival.
  • GL-310 The grace period isn't negating damage in Mini Sky Walls.
  • GL-311 Spray issues.
  • GL-312 Issues with suit/mount messages.

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The current week was heavily dedicated to making the server more new-player-friendly, finishing up huge technical systems which were left unfinished since we have split to bungee and further improvement of the Mini Sky Walls gamemode! Enjoy the summary!

Mini Sky Walls Update!

Additions & Balances

  • New Archer Class!
  • Cost: 1500 Emeralds.
  • Requirement: 10+ Elemental Archers wins.
  • Starting Items: Bow
  • On-Death Extra Items: +5 Arrows


  • Enchanter Class now receives +1 Lapis Lazuli as On-Death Extra Items.

Quality of Life Changes

  • Beacon is now removed when the temporary grace period ends.
  • Crafting system code was optimised.
  • Sticks were added to the crafting menu.
  • Walls falling down timer was added to the action bar.
  • Grace period timer was added to the action bar.
  • "Your crystal is under attack!" alert was added to the action bar.
  • You get notified in the chat when you get a class item.
  • The class you are using is now announced to all of your teammates.
  • Having not enough place in the inventory now makes the class item to drop.
  • Shops menu is now much more comfortable.

New Database System!

We have just received a new amazing database system! It's is incredibly reliable and easy to manage! Expect update rates to be much higher starting with next week! Enormous thanks to our awesome DEVELOPER LeMemes for sorting out everything with it!


Main Lobby NPCs Hierarchy!

  • The reason behind this change is to show new players that we are also focused on persistent modes. This allows new players to fully enjoy playing on the server with low online.
  • The number of NPCs has been highly reduced. 
  • There are now only 7 NPCs left.
  • The NPCs left are dedicated to all the persistent gamemodes & only 1 NPC is now dedicated to the minigames. 



  • GL-302 You can destroy normally unbreakable blocks using the beacon in MSW.
  • GL-303 You can get killed by flying above the map as a spectator in MSW.
  • GL-304 Death messages are weird when you get killed by a mob server-wide.

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