Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We care about your privacy and have designed our systems with privacy in mind.


Our main website does not use JavaScript or cookies. Only our external websites, Store, Gitea, PeerTube and Creative Map may use it. (Privacy policy of our external websites is a work in progress)

Data we collect

After visit of our website, your IP address and browser agent may be stored for up to 24 hours in our webserver logs for technical administration purposes. We will not share this data with anyone else, and we may not always collect this data actively, collection may be disabled when there is no maintenance.

Minecraft Server(s)

Data we collect

We store the following data:

• the last used IP address when you login to the server for session management and moderation purposes. We do not store a history of IP addresses.

• your Minecraft username and UUID (Universally Unique Identifier), which may be linked to your Microsoft account.

• statistics about your actions on the server (Such as, but not limited to: Placing blocks, playing minigames, time played, first and last login dates)

• all messages you send in the global server chat (Messages outside global chat are not logged, unless ongoing investigation)