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New website!

Alright. Seems like it works.

over 2 years ago
Info of Ideas and Feedback [READ BEFORE POSTING]

If you have ideas for Govindas Limework, please feel free to make a thread about it! But it is not suggested to make joke ideas, as they will be instantly denied.

We are mostly looking for ideas which could improve our current game modes, new game ideas most likely will not be accepted due to not having enough developers at this time to be able to work on many games.

Within 24 hours of submitting an idea, I will get to you as fast as I can. If the suggestion or idea seems like it may make it to the server, I will keep the thread open. Players are allowed to rate the suggestion or feedback, with ideas, along with a +1 or -1.

over 2 years ago
Weekly Summary

Hello everyone!

We have gotten the forums up and running again, so I hope that you like this change. Our weekly summary, which summarizes our week's update, will hopefully be handy for you if you want to see what has been added or fixed. Thanks!

Forums Fix
Our forums have been not working due to the email authentication process not functioning. We have now found a method: in-game registration! With a new command (as seen below), players can register their emails to sign up for the forums. This is to keep player IGNs as forum usernames.
/website register {email}

Server Bug Updates
Here, I will briefly list all of the bug updates that have been established in the last week.
  • Fixed a bug where you under some conditions could not get axe in The Mining Camp
  • Fixed a bug where scoreboard was disappearing after playing Chicken Shoot and Chicken Shoot scoreboard was freezing
  • Fixed a bug where baby zombies in Chicken Shoot had nametags
  • Fixed a bug where baby zombies in Chicken Shoot wasn't getting auto-killed when chicken dies which they are riding
  • Fixed a bug where silverfish wasn't doing any damage in Chicken Shoot
  • Fixed map credits not working correctly in Elemental Archers (both modes)
  • Fixed a 1v1 bug that set off anti-cheat when double jump was enabled.
  • Fixed Castle Wars bugs that allowed the game to be endless
  • Fixed false bans by anti-cheat when a player with a 1.11.2 client jumped on soul sand.
Known bugs are now fixed, but if you find another one, please file it here.

New additions!
We have also added new achievements, and new addons to improve your experience on Govindas Limework!
  • Added two new VIP pets: Fire Elemental and Ice Elemental
  • Added ten new achievements to The Mining Camp! (Play if you want to find them wink)
  • Lowered the Boneyard Elemental Archers Deathmatch map so players can't go hiking up the mountain cheeky
  • Govindas SG games will now all be in daytime for the beginning of the game (cycles)
  • Arrows are given faster in Elemental Archers
​I hope these fixes and addons help with your gaming experience and make the server more enjoyable!

That was this week's summary! I hope that Govindas Limework is better! Remember, if you find a bug, go here.




over 2 years ago
Dude this sick

The green theme fits the server’s color scheme well.

over 2 years ago
The link to Discord

I am getting our staff team to unban you. The unbanana command is not working for Moderators at the moment. In addition, seems like a good idea. I’m telling Govindas this one. Thanks for your idea!