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Castle Wars is so fun to work on

Govindas: over 2 years ago
our website has finally became a more finished thing xD

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I have decided to move from Enjin on to our own hosted website, I hope this will be better! This is just a test forum post.
over 3 years ago

Hello everyone! We have finally moved on to our own website instead of using Enjin. I personally like this website much more, more control of everything, faster loading times and much simpler! Once I'm done with website improvements I will be back on to working on the server. My latest project is Mini Sky Walls, it been in closed BETA testing for a very long time because I had stopped working on it, now I'm back on to working on it and it's really close to release, only some more features needs to be made. My next plans are more The Mining Camp updates and remake of Parkour in to it's own gamemode in minigames menu with many different parkours with different rewards, our new builder PierreTheBoss is working on some new maps for gamemodes and lobbies, so that should be released soon too!

over 3 years ago

EDIT: Server maintenance finished.
Server will be down for about a hour from now, because I'm remaking the way how players stats are saved in the database. The first game which got affected by the update is Bomberman, now Bomberman has it's own lobby, TOP 10 most wins players leaderboard and a scoreboard which shows wins/losses, now I'm going to work on making similar things on all the games, sorry for the downtime! Here is how the changes looks like:
over 3 years ago

Hello everyone! You might have noticed that Parkour was just too simple gamemode with only one parkour, now it has even it's own lobby and 3 different parkours, and many more coming soon!

Happy parkouring!
over 3 years ago

Hello everyone! I have noticed that a lot of players likes Spleent minigame but the game didn't get a update for a very long time and has almost no content, so now I made an update for Spleent!
New Spleent Features
Now there's explosion animation when TNT explodes, it looks super awesome!
Now snowballs creates small explosions when lands
No more spam of "Please wait x seconds" when right clicking cannon, now it's all in action bar!
Fixed death messages(before they sometimes was appearing, sometimes not, now they should always appear)
Added message "You got +1 Super Jump for not being at the first floor!" before most of the times it was even hard to notice that you got an additional super jump.

Screenshot of new explosion animation
over 3 years ago