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hello, it's me.



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In Game Name: 1zy
In which game mode this bug is: Checkers

Description of the bug, proof of it(if possible): Checkers has an issue where you can soft lock yourself by getting all your other checkers defeated except one, and then putting that one on the opponents side(the place where you would usually get a crown one or whatever it's called).  You then won't be able to move anywhere.  Don't know if this is a glitch or a bug, but I'm pretty sure it's a bug.  I unfortunately don't have any proof
11 months ago

I am not blocked by enemy checkers, but am on the enemies side of the checker board.  The place you go to get an upgrade that allows you to move in both directions.  I did not get this upgrade and I couldn’t move back or forward and was trapped, unable to do anything.  The enemy team couldn’t kill me I was just stuck and as such had to quit the game.
11 months ago

cool beans!
11 months ago