New website

New website

by Govindas, January 23, 2022

Govindas Limework has moved to a new website that is made by me, the old website used NamelessMC software which was imposing various limitations on accessibility and was not designed with privacy in mind, due to which I have decided to make my own website that is much faster and more accessible!

This new website uses no JavaScript or cookies, it is a static website for the most part, which greatly increases its speed and makes it a safer website overall, as our previous website was loading external JavaScript that I do not control.

It misses some features, but they will be developed over time, here's what is planned, that is not yet here:

• Staff Applications

• Changelog

• Leaderboards

• ~Onion mirror of our website for higher accessibility in extreme environments~

Important update posts of note-worthy changes to regular players will be posted on the website, regular changelogs will be posted at the upcoming Changelog page. (which can already be accessed in Matrix, or the in-game /updates command)