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by Vampire_Artyom » 7 months ago

Technical Changes

  • Minecraft 1.15.1 is now supported.
  • Immense Code changes were made to support Skript 2.4.


Quality of Life Changes

  • The Seismic Wave is now more intuitive to use, it is no longer pitch-dependent in the Ability PvP.
  • Mining XP gains were massively increased in the Friendly Survival.
  • All stone types now grant Mining XP in the Friendly Survival.
  • Player health is now visualised in the tab list in the Friendly Survival.
  • Gladiator set enchants were buffed in the Mini Sky Walls.
    • Sharpness (III --> IV) 
    • Protection (III --> IV)
  • Lucky Block Ghasts now appear 5 meters above the Lucky Block to be less likely to suffocate in Mini Sky Walls.
  • Stick crafting recipe no longer supports different plank types at once in Mini Sky Walls.



  • GL-401 Falling into void doesn't reset Ability PvP items in the Main Lobby. 
  • GL-402 Tournament event constantly spams single players in the Waiting Queue. 
  • GL-403 You can kill mobs as a spectator in the Mini Sky Walls.
  • GL-404 Team sizes in the waiting lobby and in-game are inconsistent.