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by Govindas » over 2 years ago
Hello everyone! Sorry that I wasn't making any update posts, I just kept not being in the mood to write a update post, was more in a mood to work on the updates. I have made multiple updates, including Chicken Shoot, Knockout, Snowball, The Mining Camp and Govindas Survival Games(still working on it) updates. Today I removed TNT Run because I decided that the game does not fit for our server and we better replace it with a more unique game. I'm now mostly working on Govindas Survival Games update, the chest loot system is going to be very much changed and the whole game will have much more features. Non-game updates are that I made Muted Chat where muted players are able to say specific messages from a list of messages.(cannot say anything rule breaking in any way) this way they still can communicate possibly be on the server more instead of not being able to talk in any way and not coming back on the server anymore. I fixed the /f list command, it still has some bugs when having more pages which I do not know how to fix yet(should be fixed once I look more in to it), but it now can be used, before it was completely unusable. Also improved GBot like always, GBot shouldn't ever do false bans anymore hopefully.(unless I break GBot again when making a update for it.. Last false ban problem was caused because of a mistake which I accidently made when releasing the update) I'm planning to work on releasing Mini Sky Walls once I'm done with most of the currently released games updates & important server wide updates like a better /help command which I keep not finishing for a long time..
Thank you for reading! If you have any suggestions for updates of currently released games you can always post them on forums, discord or just tell me on the server, if I like them I will make them once I have time for them.