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by Vampire_Artyom » 7 months ago


  • Server-to-server data transfers are now up to 100% faster!



  • GL-325 All players can join the same team, leading to an instantaneous victory for all players in all team games.  
  • GL-368 Mutes don't work properly and temporary mutes sometimes could become permanent.
  • GL-369 You can interact with item frames in The Mining Camp. 
  • GL-370 Encryption issues with different chat channels.
  • GL-371 Variables not getting translated sometimes, memory leaks, wrong translations in the translation system.
  • GL-372 Snowball death system is completely broken.
  • GL-373 Right-clicking on entities in Ability PvP says "You can't use gadgets here."
  • GL-374 Death messages aren't displayed properly in Bomberman.


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