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by Vampire_Artyom » 3 months ago

Technical Changes

  • All .slime words are now automatically unloaded when they aren't used. 
  • Chest open animation isn't visible server-wide whenever you open a chest.
  • Memory leaks in The Mining Camp and the Translation System were removed.
  • Elemental Archers shop was rewritten.
  • Elemental Archers menu is now more responsive.
  • There is now partial multi-language support in the shop menu in Elemental Archers.


Other Changes

  • All pickaxes were renamed in preparation for an upcoming update in The Mining Camp.
  • Vanity efficiency enchantments were removed for all pickaxes in The Mining Camp.
  • /gamemode command now can be used in an owned plot in the Creative World. 



  • GL-360 Security issue. 
  • GL-361 Operator security issue.
  • GL-362 Armour Color Creator button does not function in the Creative World.
  • GL-363 Player stats don't transfer cross-server correctly.
  • GL-364 Permissions & Toggleables button in the Plot Settings does not function properly in the Creative World.
  • GL-365 Worldedit navigation commands exploit.
  • GL-366 /plot name doesn't work.
  • GL-367 Spectating doesn't work properly when losing all lives in Knockout.