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IGN: Govindas
by Govindas » over 2 years ago
Hello everyone! We have decided to make our server more villager themed since it really fits for us, our server's currency are Emeralds. Now in chat everyone are named Villager #xxx, the #number is based on player count which joined since the update, so first player to join after update gets Villager #001 name and 10th person gets name Villager #010 100th Villager #100 and 1000th Villager #1000 and so on. You can tell who is who by hovering on their names in chat and looking in TAB for their ID. Names in leaderboards/game messages/join messages/tab/in game aren't changed, only in player chat. First when I released the update everyone was forced to use Villager skin, a lot of players didn't like that so instead I made it not forced, but with bonus Emeralds if you are using Villager skin! Also there's angry villager particles when you hit other players.(Only if the hit player is using Villager skin)

Thanks to Hypickles for the idea.