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by Vampire_Artyom » 7 months ago

Friendly Survival Update! 

Natural-like leaves

  • Tree leaves now slowly disappear during autumn/winter and grow back during spring/summer.
  • Adding up to that, leaves would also slowly disappear if the tree is dead. A tree is considered dead if a decent part of its logs was removed.


Other Changes

  • Huge terrain changes were restricted and performance increased at the cost of disabling Gravity for Stone Blocks.
  • Armour stands and item frames are now protected in claims.


General Changes

  • All resettable worlds now use .slime world format which is focused on conserving database space and performance.
  • Buycraft processing elements were moved to a proxy server.
  • Anticheat was rewritten to exclude useless code. 
  • Server performance was increased up to two times per player.
  • /co i command is now accessible for everyone.


Other Changes

  • Furnace upgrades cap of 60 in The Mining Camp was removed. 



  • GL-341 /spawn isn't a functional alias.
  • GL-342 Arrows are uninteractable.
  • GL-343 Memory leak problems.
  • GL-344 Friendly Survival griefing exploit.
  • GL-345 Dispensers aren't placeable in the Creative World. 
  • GL-346 Minor lag stockpiles as time lapses in Knockout games.

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