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by Vampire_Artyom » 7 months ago

Old-school Survival is back!

Old-school Survival world was restored and is no longer corrupted!

  • Added an option to toggle sprint via the /sprint command.


Friendly Survival Seasons Update!

Seasons are back again!

  • Date of every dimension is now counted separately in Minecraft day length calculations. 


Season specials 

  • NOTE: Season specials do not affect mobs spawned from spawners.


  • Zombies are more likely to spawn with Leather Armour during winter, especially mid-winter.
  • Baby zombies wear coloured Leather Armour instead.
  • Baby zombies have a 50% chance holding a Snow Block and a Carrot during mid-winter in winter-related biomes.
  • Zombies have a 50% chance to spawn holding an Iron Shovel during mid-winter.


  • Zombies wear pumpkins in late autumn, also having a 10% chance of spawning holding a Pumpkin Pie.
  • Spiders are much more common during late autumn.


  • Zombies spawn holding Flowers during mid and late spring.


  • Zombies have a 20% chance to spawn holding a Bottle of Water during mid-summer. 
  • Zombies have an 80% chance to spawn wearing a Yellow Hat during mid-summer.
  • You get thirsty x2 faster during mid-summer (excluding Hoth).


Technical Changes

  • Physics in The Mining Camp were disabled.
  • Parkour anticheat was greatly improved.
  • Falling in the Parkour Lobby now teleports you to the nearest parkour entrance.
  • Possibly false-banning cheat detection trigger was disabled.



  • GL-337 Non-full blocks disappear client-side after the support block gets removed.
  • GL-338 Coal cave border is defined incorrectly in The Mining Camp. 
  • GL-339 Death messages in multiple games add weird characters near player names sometimes.
  • GL-340 Parkour's anticheat doesn't work.

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