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Update Summary July 8th to July 14th
Started by Vampire_Artyom



16 Jul 2018
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02 Jan 2020

Friendly Survival Update!

New Mustafar Spawn! The most uninviting spawn in the whole multiverse of all Friendly Survival dimensions has at the same time become the safest place in the fierest dimension of all, in Mustafar. Being built by xShadowboltx a while ago and having been finally added!



  • Items which fall in the void will onwards appear in The End Dimension.
  • Blazes spawn much more frequently in Mustafar.
  • You can now craft shears with Unbreaking V using 2 Iron Blocks.
  • Entity limit is now 20 entities per 32 blocks.


Other Changes

  • Server's MOTD in the server lists is now back to a more informative one. 
  • You now spawn at the further spawnpoint from your last death location in Elemental Archers and Snowball.
  • New /entity command in Creative World was added. It be can be used starting from Plot Member+ and it's purpose is to rename entities.



  • GL-318 Creative World creative mod cross-server exploit.
  • GL-319 Dimensional Warps are broken in Friendly Survival.
  • GL-320 Wizards aren't trainable anymore in Castle Wars.
  • GL-321 Arrows do no damage to units in Castle Wars.
  • GL-322 Critical Emeralds-related cross-server exploit.
  • GL-323 /recipes don't function properly in Friendly Survival. 
Vampire_Artyom · 11 months ago · Last edited: 9 months ago