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by Vampire_Artyom » 22 days ago

Friendly Survival Update!

New Mustafar Spawn! It was built by xShadowboltx a very long time ago but was added only now!



  • Items which fall in the void will onwards appear in The End Dimension.
  • Blazes spawn much more frequently in Mustafar.
  • You can now craft shears with Unbreaking V using 2 Iron Blocks.
  • Entity limit is now 20 entities per 32 blocks.


Other Changes

  • Server's MOTD in the server lists is now back to a more informative one. 
  • You now spawn at the further spawnpoint from your last death location in Elemental Archers and Snowball.
  • New /entity command in Creative World was added. It be can be used starting from Plot Member+ and it's purpose is to rename entities.



  • GL-318 Creative World creative mod cross-server exploit.
  • GL-319 Dimensional Warps are broken in Friendly Survival.
  • GL-320 Wizards aren't trainable anymore in Castle Wars.
  • GL-321 Arrows do no damage to units in Castle Wars.
  • GL-322 Critical Emeralds-related cross-server exploit.
  • GL-323 /recipes don't function properly in Friendly Survival. 

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