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IGN: Vampire_Artyom
by Vampire_Artyom » 6 months ago

New Coal Cave in The Mining Camp!

  • The Coal Cave in The Mining Camp has just received a rebuild! The map was built by BUILDER Cactusism and BUILDER VisionWard13.
  • Try finding all the hidden easter eggs even we don't know about! 


General Changes!

  • Skript version on Friendly Survival was changed. [2.2 dev36 --> 2.3.7]
  • 7-row Chest GUIs now function incorrectly in Minecraft 1.14 and hence, they were changed to 6-row ones.


Castle Wars Adjustements!

  • Units will now follow attack orders more closely, and wouldn't be disturbed by other enemy units that easily, i. e. they wouldn't try to attack units more than 3 blocks away from the target.
  • Players can no longer move units by collision, but units will still be able to collide.



  • GL-317 Leave the game button in Castle Wars doesn't work.



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