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by Vampire_Artyom » 11 months ago

This week we have made the Party System back working,  some Quality of Life additions, Castle Wars polishes and Bugfixes.


Castle Wars Update!

  • /debug command was added. It shows the reasons why the unit is not attacking above their head.
  • Unit Selection Wand now can select units into a cuboid via 2 LMB clicks.
  • Selected units are now limited to 32.
  • Alive units per team are now limited to 64.
  • Archers accuracy now increases as they practice.


Network Progress

  • Party System is back working.


Creative World Changes!

  • "Plot Commands" menu now has a "Plot Name" option in Creative World.
  • You can now warp players to your plot in the Creative world or to the Parkour course you're playing using /p warp.
  • Players will not be warped if they're already in a Parkour course.
  • You can no longer place blocks on spawnpoints in Mini Sky Walls.
  • Blocks near the Crystal of Life are now breakable in Mini Sky Walls.
  • Cracked players now have to re-enter login and password only every 2 hours.



  • GL-305 Archer rotation when ordering to shoot them to a specific location is broken.
  • GL-306 Units constantly lose their targets.
  • GL-307 Archers try to shoot through blocks in some situations.
  • GL-308 Units had a very long delay for finding new targets in battle
  • GL-309 Commands aren't available in Friendly Survival.
  • GL-310 The grace period isn't negating damage in Mini Sky Walls.
  • GL-311 Spray issues.
  • GL-312 Issues with suit/mount messages.

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