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by Vampire_Artyom » about 1 year ago
We've realised that our Mini Sky Walls gamemode has tremendous potential. Because of that, next weeks will be dedicated to getting this gamemode polished, updated & bugfree.
Apart from that, we are actively working on finishing the server transfer to the bungee system and getting rid of the pesky bungee-related bugs which were found in the meantime.

Mini Sky Walls Update!

Quality of Life Changes

  • Any pickaxe tier is now sufficient to mine any ore.
  • If you are already under Haste effect from the Haste Perk, it will now reset the buff time instead of not activating at all.
  • Haste effect now lasts only for 1.5 seconds. [3 seconds --> 1.5 seconds]
  • There is now a message when the Ender Dragon is spawned.
  • Eating bread now grants you Regeneration I effect for 5 seconds.
  • You now get healed by 2 ⤠on a player kill.
  • Kit requirements are now shown in the kit description even after you have bought the kit.

Map Modifications

  • The block below player spawnpoints was changed to Bedrock.
  • Lapis Lazuli ores were added to the bottom of the islands.
  • The Gold Block was replaced with a Lucky Block in the Skies of Caribbean map.


  • GL-299 Resource pack sending results in being kicked from the server.
  • GL-300 Ender crystals can be killed by TNT in Mini Sky Walls.
  • GL-301 Team chat does not work server-wide.