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IGN: Vampire_Artyom
by Vampire_Artyom » about 1 year ago
The server development should be back in pace now! This week we present to you some Quality of Life changes, performance improvements & lots of bugs being addressed which were found in the previous weeks. 


Quality of Life Changes!


  • /stats command cooldown was reduced. [9 seconds --> 1 second]
  • Now after accepting the texture pack of OSS or FS, you get teleported to the game instantly after the pack is downloaded.
  • Fire and Lily Pad block sprint Trails are now VIP+ only.

Govindas Survival Games

  • Chest system's code was optimised.
  • Time until the game ends with a draw was reduced. [15 min --> 12 min]
  • Weapon Speed lore in items now says how much time exactly it takes between hits.
  • Starter potion effects no longer have particles enabled.

Friendly Survival

  • Realistic Water Mechanics were optimised.


  • GL-234 Creepers do not spawn in The Mining Camp.
  • GL-280 All players may get into the same team in team games when balanced teams modifier is not enabled.
  • GL-281 Knockout does not end properly.
  • GL-282 Checkers wins/losses are shown as 0 in the Waiting Lobby when they aren't.
  • GL-283 Chickens do not spawn in Chicken Shoot with 1 player left in the game.
  • GL-284 Spectators do not get teleported out of the Chicken Shoot on game end.
  • GL-285 You can't open chests while levitating down in Gaia: The New Earth map.
  • GL-286 You can bypass deathmatch teleportation by throwing ender pearl right before teleportation.
  • GL-287 Golden apples are uncraftable server-wide.
  • GL-288 You can die in Knockout before the game start.
  • GL-289 You can open hoppers in Main Lobby.
  • GL-290 Minigame waiting timer does not reset instantly when all player but 1 leave the game.
  • GL-291 Hits stat is tracked weirdly in Knockout.
  • GL-292 Regeneration animation appears above player heads even when it's not necessary.
  • GL-293 Victory dances do not work completely.

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