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IGN: Vampire_Artyom
by Vampire_Artyom » 10 months ago
Easter Time this week! But we have not fully recovered yet, so the summary is really small again :( [2/4]

Easter Egg Hunt!

  • Search for 15 easter eggs in the Main Lobby and find fun rewards! 15 different rewards for each and every easter egg!
  • Unlock Easter Bunny Suit and Rabbit Disguise by finding all the 15 easter eggs!
  • Enjoy Flower Rain and a ton of bunnies!

Other Changes

  • GBot NPC was removed from the Main Lobby.
  • Remaking of 1v1 modifier description system has started.
  • Multiple parts of Gamecore were rewritten.
  • Death messages in Spleent now use a new death message system used in most of the other minigames.


  • GL-273 Golden Apples do not work.
  • GL-274 Ability PvP has no damage animation, no knockback and no hit sounds on hit.
  • GL-275 GBot NPC-related glitches.
  • GL-276 Skies Of Ayulin Govindas SG map causes huge lagspikes.