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by Vampire_Artyom » 11 months ago
Really important server-wide changes were made this week! Amongst with them, RoA has finally recieved a rebalancing update. Thus, the work on Castle Wars continues!

General Changes & Additions

1.8 is now partially supported!
  • This was made to allow 1.8 players to take a look at the server and decide whether they want to play normally!
  • You do not receive emeralds while playing on 1.8.
  • Since the server is normally unplayable on 1.8 because of lots of incompatibilities and some unfixable bugs, 1.8 version won't be fully supported.
Friendly Survival and Old-school Survival gamemodes are now available for cracked players!
Server-wide Enchanting System was changed to vanilla 1.9 one.
  • You no longer take damage while a script is reloading.
  • The â„–2 voting link was changed to
  • Top 3 monthly voters now receive their rewards automatically!
  • Logout in combat is now handled better.
  • Player warping now functions better.

Castle Wars Update!

Unit Menu Remake! 

  • Command buttons can target individually selected unit types instead of all selected units. 
  • Pressing 1 while hovering your cursor over target priority: Creepers, will ONLY set your selected Archers' target priority to Creepers.
  • Pressing 2 would result in the same activity done for Swordsmen.
  • 0/10 means that NONE of your units are set on this action right now.
  • 10/10 means that ALL 10 of your units are set on this action right now.


Other CW Tweaks

  • Arrows now despawn faster.
  • Castle Wars performance was drastically improved overall.
  • Archers in Castle Wars can now shoot to the location you're looking at by using DROP key action on their hotbar item.
  • Target priorities were optimized.

Realm of Almarath Rebalances!

  • The limit of mobs on one spawnpoint was decreased to 2. [3 --> 2]
  • The number of mobs spawning in a spawnpoint at once was reduced. 2 mobs at once now spawn only when there are 3+ players around. [2 --> 3]
  • Killer Bunny now only appears on 1-2 level quests. [0 --> 1-2]
  • Killer Bunny now spawns x2 more often. [3% --> 6%]
  • You now receive XP from kills again. But that happens only if the player and the mob are 3+ levels apart. It will give you the same amount of XP as your level on a kill. 

Other Changes

  • Death messages are now handled better in GSG.


  • GL-240 Wizards swim really slow in 1 block water in Castle Wars.
  • GL-241 Archers try to shoot through 1 block walls in Castle Wars. 
  • GL-242 PMC isn't supported by the server's votifier.
  • GL-243 Infinite Emeralds exploit.
  • GL-244 /vote command formatting and clickability is broken.
  • GL-245 The creative world is full of null plots.
  • GL-246 GameBox's leaderboards are full of unknown players.
  • GL-248 Target priorities do not work

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