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by Vampire_Artyom » about 1 year ago
Summaries are back being weekly, I hope we would be able to continue doing them at this pace. This week mainly focused on translations and bug fixes, check out the changes!

Friendly Survival Update! 

  • Realistic Animals AI was created! Animals now eat, poop and starve! [WIP]
  • Custom Taming system now works on Llamas.
  • Doors no longer can be opened in claimed land by non-members.

Other Changes

  • Gamecore is now translatable!
  • Castle Wars units were optimised.
  • Doors no longer can be opened in claimed land in OSS by non-members.

Bug Fixes

  • GL-184 If one king dies it results in the game being over in Castle Wars.
  • GL-185 Castle Wars bugs prevent the game from working properly.
  • GL-186 Old-school Survival resource pack doesn't work.
  • GL-187 Whenever you win, you also automatically lose in Castle Wars.
  • GL-188 Enemy horses could disrupt wall building even if you have captured them in Castle Wars
  • GL-189 It does not say any chat message when the enemy king dies.
  • GL-190 Game spectators do not work properly.
  • GL-191 When you get teleported to an unloaded chunk while using the elytra you receive infinite flight.
  • GL-192 The animal taming system in Friendly Survival doesn't work.