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by Vampire_Artyom » about 1 year ago
Hey everyone! This week change list consists of a lot of technical ones: optimisations, bugfixes, rewrites, etcetera. And so, without further ado, let's get straight into the changes!

Elemental Archers Update
  • Team Deathmatch Elemental Archers and Deathmatch Elemental Archers games were merged into one game with voting system for a mode you want to play! 
  • Modes were added to Elemental Archers directly from Snowball: 
    • Capture The Flag: steal the flag from your opponents to bring your team for the win!
    • Juggernaut: normal players team up against one super powerful beast: The Juggernaut.
    • Team Elimination: eliminate all other players and be the only survivor!
  • The code of the whole game was rewritten for better performance, fixed a lot of inaccuracies and small bugs in the code.

Other Changes
  • Mobs will now be neutral to unarmored players in the Gaia dimension of Friendly Survival if you have no sword in the hand. This way Gaia is much friendlier, especially for new players! 
  • Lift in the Spaceship map in Snowball was totally remade, now it simulates real lift action, slowly bringing you up.
  • Now if you drop an item from hotbar in Creative World it will be removed

Technical Changes
  • Skript version was updated to dev36. This allowed to find and get rid of a lot of small nasty bugs.
  • A lot of optimisations!
  • Halloween event was disabled. Christmas event coming soon!
  • Furthermore, unfortunately, Realm of Almarath will be temporarily disabled until its performance improves.

  • GL-85 Deathmatch games aren't ending in wins properly in Snowball.
  • GL-86 You can use building tools outside your plot in Creative World!?
  • GL-87 Script reloading takes way too long.