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IGN: Vampire_Artyom
by Vampire_Artyom » about 1 year ago
Welcome back, everyone! This week we present to use some Parkour changes & a new Knockout map! Moreover, EA is going to be rewritten soon! 

A new Knockout map was added! It is named Christmas and was built by our builder iipinkBunnyxo.

It even has a special feature! If you jump into the middle hole in the map from the 2nd floor, the wind will bring you back to it. Furthermore, a couple of snowmen defend the platform, so it'd be much harder to survive there!

Parkour Update!
  • Checkpoint system was remade! 
  • Every Parkour now has a lot more Checkpoints. They can be identified by flame particles around them.
  • This was done to make the Parkours more enjoyable and not a hard challenge which only can be beaten by parkour masters.
  • Per Checkpoint rewards were removed, the first time completion rewards are: 
  • Normal = 500
  • Hard = 1000
  • Very Hard = 1500.
  • For any further completions: 
  • Normal = 50
  • Hard = 100
  • Very Hard = 150
  • You only receive rewards for completing the same Parkour twice per day.
  • Each Parkour now has its own scoreboard. It shows your Checkpoint progress, your jumps count and the time lapsed.
  • After you complete a Parkour, it's now announced to the whole server, including the time and jumps count.
  • Your best parkour completion time, the jumps amount that took you for your best Parkour competition time and amount of times you have completed the parkour statistics are now tracked.

Other Additions
  • Ender Dragon mount cosmetic was added for VIP+