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IGN: Vampire_Artyom
by Vampire_Artyom » about 1 year ago
Hello everyone! We're back with some great additions and polishes to 1v1 this week! 

1v1 Update!
A huge amount of modifiers were brought to us this week! Let's check them out!

  • Removes everything from the inventory.

Pack of Wolves 
  • Gives 3 tamed wolves to each player. Wolves have names of their respective owner.

No Hotbar Edit
  • You are forced to use the randomized hotbar and aren't allowed to move items around.

Homing Projectiles
  • All projectiles are drag towards the enemy!

Reverse Projectile Gravity
  • All projectiles fall up.

  • Players can't run far away from each other!

[Re-add] No Knockback
  • Prevents people from getting knocked back.

[Re-add] Ender Dragon
  • Spawns an ender dragon at the start of the game.
  • Pull Egg was added to the inventory of Knockout modifier.
  • Modifier selection time was extended to 15 seconds. (9 seconds --> 15 seconds)
  • The "Activated Modifiers" hoverable message was added, which is shown at the start of the game.
  • Now if you break the mushroom block, it will be dropped as a proper one.
  • You can now deactivate/reactivate modifiers by clicking on their activation/deactivation message in the chat.

The Mining Camp Update!
A new event! Cave Spider Invasion!
  • Cave Spider Invasion has a 0.5% chance to happen each minute. 
  • It lasts for a total of 15 minutes adding a 10% chance to spawn a Cave Spider on a block break.
  • Cave Spiders do not drop anything but do give a lot of XP! (7 XP per kill!)
  • Cave Spiders also have a special ability to throw cobwebs which will disappear after 5 seconds have passed.
  • [CLICK TO OPEN] button was added to "Smelt times have been reset" message.
  • Silverfish will now despawn after 45 seconds of being alive.
  • More iron ore was added to the Iron Cave.

Other Changes
  • Use of Redstone clocks was disabled in Creative World.

  • GL-84 Classes selection doesn't work in Elemental Archers.