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IGN: Vampire_Artyom
by Vampire_Artyom » about 1 year ago
Welcome to the new update summary everybody! This week brought us fantastic changes and a couple of balances! Meanwhile, while the Halloween has already ended everywhere, it is only starting on the Govindas Limework!

Trick or Treat Halloween Update!

Trick or treating! 
  • You can right-click a player in the Main Lobby to send them a Trick or Treat request. 
  • You can Trick or Treat any player, but only once.
  • If the victim is ruthless and selects the TRICK option, you will be blinded for a few seconds. 
  • Else, if the player is gracious and selects the TREAT option, you will receive a Candy
  • After you have collected a total of 7 Candies you will unlock a scary Witch disguise to creep up on enemies (or allies)!
  • Two new commands were added! They allow the player to view the top of the players who are the best at Pumpkin carving and collecting candies accordingly. 
  • /pumpkinstop
  • /candiestop
  • Helpful broadcast messages were added to know when the player unlocks a Halloween themed suit!

Redstone finally works in Creative World!
People had been requesting the ability to use Redstone for ages. Sadly, prior to this week, no one succeeded... But today, we present to you Full Redstone Access!
  • To receive the permission to use Redstone you must prove you're trustworthy and dedicate at least 3 hours to the server.
  • The next step is easy as pie. Simply enter the following command into the chat while standing on the plot of your own, and you'll be done!
  • /requestredstone
  • But make sure to be careful! If you fail to preserve the existence of the Govindas Limework and try to somehow damage it, you'll be punished severely.
  • Also, Mushroom Stem and Grass Path blocks were added to Creative World Menu and the Command Block was removed from there since it wasn't functional.

Realm of Almarath Update!
  • The whole quest system was remade! Quests are now infinite, ranging from level 0 to level 20.
  • After you had reached the maximum level, the quests will become a lot harder but much more rewarding!
  • Moreover, each existing mob to this day is used in the quest system, so you won't be bored because of similarities in the quests.
  • Furthermore, early level quests were tweaked and moved amongst the existing ones.

Big thanks to our MOD Vampire_Artyom for helping out with the quest system!

Balances & Changes!
  • Skeleton Knight's damage was increased to 14. (12 --> 14)
  • Skeleton Archer's damage was reduced to 14. (20 --> 14)
  • Skeleton Archer's health was reduced to 50. (65 --> 50)
  • Bandit Archer's damage was reduced to 12. (20 --> 12) 
  • Bandit Archer's health was reduced to 35. (50 --> 35)
  • Water Golem now defends himself! He now reflects 20% of the damage you deal to him back. 
  • Skeleton Archer now has a 90% chance to apply one of the following effects:
  1. Slowness for 5 seconds.
  2. Weakness for 5 seconds.
  3. Blindness for 5 seconds.

Bomberman Update!
  • Kick powerup no longer allows TNT to move through players.
  • Kick powerup is more accurate and easier to use.
  • Speed powerup no longer affects your kick distance while you're sneaking. Being more careful causes consequences, you wouldn't be able to kick TNT more than 1 block then.

Other Changes
  • Cosmetics Menu content now can be browsed by non-VIPs. (Unfortunately, to use the features you still have to be a VIP xD) 
  • Advancements were disabled server-wide.
  • All recipes are now instantly unlocked.

Because of a recent server update to 1.12 version, a couple of bugs were left unfixed. This week a lot of newly discovered bugs were "caught" and "petted" so they cause no harm anymore. :3
  • GL-6 Loaded heads from 1.12 toolbars mess up the NBT completely. Stacks of heads become single heads, player owner changes to the last in the toolbar, etc.
  • GL-60 You can get from double to quituple "You teleported to Beach" messages on a Beach portal enter in ROA.
  • GL-76 Skeleton King's helmet breaks from sunlight in ROA.
  • GL-77 Physics do not work in Friendly Survival.
  • GL-78 /editblock command doesn't work in Creative World.
  • GL-79 WorldEdit and CraftBook plugins do not work for players.
  • GL-80 Slimefun plugin doesn't work in Gaia dimension in Friendly Survival.
  • GL-81 You can get main lobby items back by just jumping up in some places in the Main Lobby.
  • GL-82 Using 1-9 hotkeys to move hotbar items doesn't work.
  • GL-83 /stats, voting and crafting in Mini Sky Walls do not work!

Make sure to report any bugs you encounter to Govindas in-game or in the Discord! This especially applies if you see any bugs related to "Unknown command" on some actions.


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