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by Vampire_Artyom » about 1 year ago
Happy Halloween everyone! A couple of Halloween-related features were added! Thus, AbilityPvP and Realm of Almarath have received some updates! 

Govindas Limework has been finally updated to 1.12.2!

Halloween Update!
Two new Halloween-themed suits were added: Scarecrow Suit and Possessed Scarecrow Suit, to unlock Scarecrow Suit you need to find 8 pumpkins and 16 pumpkins for Possessed Scarecrow Suit. 

You can receive pumpkins by playing any game on the server, the more time you spend in-game the higher chance to find a pumpkin is when you go back to the Main Lobby. 

This event will last from November 1st to December 1st.

To receive more information about the event, click on the new NPC greeting you as soon as you join the server.

Main Lobby was decorated in Halloween theme! Explore the new changes in the hub!

New Spooky Knockout Map! 
A new map was added. It is called Halloween and was built by our builder MrCloudyKitten (Previously known as SirSky)! Try not to frighten yourself!

Realm of Almarath Update!
  • A new quest system was created. This one generates quests instead of using already created ones, now the only way to get XP is completing quests.
  • XP gains from mob kills were removed. 
  • Health regeneration is now increased while outside of combat.
  • You can no longer drop items in combat.
  • Items now auto-identify in chests.
  • The village in the swamp now has a name: Greenbury Village.

Balance Changes
  • Wolves now spawn in 1-3 packs. (1 --> 1-3)
  • Slimes were buffed, they can now are faster and can jump higher.
  • Skeleton Archer damage was increased to 20. (1 --> 20)
  • Bandit Archer damage was increased to 20. (1 --> 20)
  • Skeleton King's health was increased to 400. (350 --> 400)
  • Skeleton King's damage was increased to 20. (15 --> 20)
  • Skeleton King now inflicts Wither II (I --> II) effect for 5.5s.
  • Shrek's health was increased to 400. (350 --> 400)
  • Water Golem's health was increased to 50. (25 --> 50)
  • Goblin damage was reduced to 8. (12 --> 8)

Ability PvP Update!
  • New Snowball ability was added, the longer the snowball travels, the higher its damage is. (up to 15 damage)
  • The levelling system was added, you need to deal 1000 damage to reach level 1, 2000 damage to reach level 2 and so on, you get 5 skill points every time you level up. You can use them to upgrade your abilities, each skill point increases the damage of an individual ability by 1% up to a maximum of 20%.
  • Sounds when using Bounce, Rapid Fire, Fireball and Arrow abilities were added.
  • Proper death messages were added. Ability name is now shown in the death messages.
  • The way how the speed of abilities is changed was remade, now you can use the mouse scroll wheel while sneaking. (Scroll up to increase speed, scroll down to decrease speed)
  • Armour was removed, now it just uses the suit of the player.
  • Abilities cannot be used outside area anymore.
  • "Leave the game" button was removed to add more space for future abilities.
  • Ability PvP items now are given as soon as you enter the region, so it's now much more accurate. Also, you now get Main Lobby items back when you enter the Main Lobby region.

Bug Fixes
  • GL-70 Arrows aren't affected by speed option in Ability PvP.
  • GL-71 Obsidian armour colour is yellow in ROA.
  • GL-72 Skeleton King don't spawn skeletons in ROA.
  • GL-73 Bandit Archer and Skeleton Archer only deal 1 damage each in ROA.
  • GL-74 Bandit Archer and Skeleton Archer can attack other mobs in ROA.
  • GL-75 If a chest is broken before it was opened once in ROA, it drops items with unidentified stats.

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