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by Vampire_Artyom » about 1 year ago
Meanwhile, the Castle Wars Update spree continues! So, let's get straight into the changes!

Castle Wars Update!
  • Y coordinate difference is now ignored in the unit selection. 
  • A limit of 4500 heart particles of unit selection was added.
  • Every unit killed in the game is now counted, if you select a unit, you can see its kill count in the name of their hotbar item.
  • Controls were added to the lore of hotbar items.
  • In-fight performance of units was improved.
  • Unit damages are now more balanced.
  • Archer shooting delay was increased (2 seconds --> 3 seconds).
  • Lores of hotbar items are now more informative.
  • "hiring" was replaced with "training" in the chat messages.
  • Gold rewards from kills were removed for balance.
  • You can no longer place walls within the 10 block radius from the enemy walls.

Bug Fixes
  • GL-46 Target priorities of units in Castle Wars aren't working
  • GL-47 Sometimes your unselected units glow in Castle Wars
  • GL-48 Creeper price is 15 gold instead of 30 gold as displayed in Castle Wars
  • GL-49 Double LMB click selection of units of the same type isn't varied according to the unit on the ground and the unit on a horse in Castle Wars