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Another weekly summary for you to read! Enjoy!

Snowball Update!

Capture The Flag mode was released!
Each team needs to capture at least 5 enemy flags to win! 

Mode Features!
  • Compass tracks enemy flag.
  • Slowness I is applied to you replacing speed effect on a flag pickup.
  • Flag holders can't buy Speed Powerups.
  • There is a 1-second cooldown between picking up flags and dropping flags.
  • If you are a flag holder, your compass will track your flag instead of the enemy flag.
  • Flag holders don't have Depth Strider enchant.​
  • The respawning animation was added. (You can't move for 5 seconds after death).
Other Snowball Changes
  • Armor bars from the starting armor were removed. That made normal players take less damage than the suit users.
  • Helmets no longer change in team modes with suits to avoid confusion. (Now only boots change).
  • Suits now work properly in non-team modes.

3 New Modifiers!
  • Reflection Snowballs modifier for Snowball! It sets Snowball Reflection Chance to 100%!
  • Instakill Snowballs modifier for Snowball! It makes each snowball lethal to normal players! (But not to Iron Chestplate users).
  • Double Jump modifier for Knockout! It's a very fun and enjoyable modifier! It allows access to places you have never been into! You can make a double jump if you sneak mid-air after jumping!

Party Update!
  • You can now be invited to parties even if you are already in a party.
  • Party System code was optimised.
  • New Commands!
/p open


With this command you can allow players to freely join your party.
/p join <player>


With it you can join public parties.

Changes and Additions
  • Resource trees from Friendly Survival were removed! This was done for balance because they were way too op. 
  • Players were no longer able to use these commands in Creative World plots to cheat parkours and challenges. 
  • These commands are now only usable while you are in creative mode or when you are the owner of the plot.

Bug Fixes
  • GL-36 Sand don't reset in The Mining Camp.
  • GL-37 Death message formatting is broken in Snowball.
  • GL-38 Snowmen can hit and kill owners in non-team games in Snowball.
  • GL-39 "Game will start in" message formatting is broken in the Gamecore.
  • GL-40 The helmet isn't given back properly after you have stopped holding the enemy flag.
  • GL-41 The opposite's team flag return message is incorrect.

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