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IGN: Vampire_Artyom
by Vampire_Artyom » about 1 year ago
Hey everyone! Not that many updates this week, but still let's get into some changes!

Pooping Update!
Pooping now is much more comfortable, the pooped poop will no longer jump to some random location anymore, it will appear properly at the correct pooping part of your body!

Creative World Update!
  • Fixed a bug where trigger of the code was stopping after giving items in programming language
  • You can no longer use tools with 10+ level of knockback anymore.
  • You can no longer use items with very high movement speed attributes.
  • You can no longer use /ast while not in creative mode.
  • If you get out of the plot to the road while your gamemode is not creative, your gamemode now will be set to creative.
  • If you use a "_" in a plot name, it now will be displayed as space in the scoreboard.
  • /editblock command was improved! (Formatted code tooltip was added).

Other Additions/Changes
  • Some of the server's plugins were updated! 
  • Now 1.13.1 is supported!

Bug Fixes
  • GL-2 Ghost and Creeper archer NPC-s aren't centred in EA. 
  • GL-4 Some commands don't work if aren't placed in the exact order, as teleport after give or send after some other commands.
  • GL-5 After entering /editblock ~| into the chat, it outputs: "New command: ~|" and "Current command: |.
  • GL-10 Awful lag spikes on mob hits with 10+ knockback levels.
  • GL-13 Server gets horrible lag spikes when using high +Max Speed Attribute.
  • GL-14 You can now easily break blocks in the main hub just by spamming abilities into one place. 
  • GL-16 Double "&cYou aren't allowed to use this!" message appears on a single right click on a command block in the main hub.
  • GL-19 Server often crashes due to old command block system.
  • GL-20 You can teleport yourself with a minecart/pig/horse/etc to the spawn if you reach the edge of the world and block the place you'd be teleported back. If you ride behind the edge, you get tp-ed to spawn plot.
  • GL-22 If you end a game and start a game of the same type within 0.75 seconds in a good timing, your scoreboard could break.