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IGN: Govindas
by Govindas » about 1 year ago
Hey everyone! 5 new maps this week! Huge Updates for Friendly Survival and Snowball!
A Massive Map Update!
  • New Elemental Archers Team Deathmatch map - Ships, built by our builders -SirSky and VisionWard13. Team up with yo' mates an' plunder some ships! Arrr!

  • New Spleent map - Chess, built by our builder -SirSky. Strain the deepest parts of your brain if you don't want to fall!

  • New Mini Sky Walls map - Sky of Caribbean, built by server co-creator Ultra_NC. Beware the creepiest of all the sky monsters! :O

  • New Bomberman map - Mystic, built by our builder cmIsBad! Discover all the unique passages and trap your opponents!

  • New Snowball map- Maze, built by our builder -SirSky! Explore the labyrinth and find all of its secrets! Try not to get lost!

Snowball Update!
  • Description of the power-ups in the shop was massively improved!
  • If the game was started with less than 4 players then it now says "Free!" in the price. 
  • "Click to buy!" message was added to the lore of the items in the shop.
  • "Not enough melons!" message was added. 
  • "You have already used this power-up in this life!" message was added. 
  • "This power-up is already active!" message was added. 
  • "You can only buy this in-game!" message was added.
  • "You have reached the limit of 5 power-ups per match!" message was added.
  • Kill/hit messages were remade, the name of the player now will be colored based on their team.
  • Combined "+1 Melon" and "+1 Melon from Double Melons Perk" messages into one.
  • Radar Breaker power-up was added. You now can be undetectable by radars for 30 seconds only for 2 melons!
  • Snowballs from the flamethrower now burn 20% of target's snowballs from their inventory.
  • Slowball power-up was rewritten. All of your snowballs now are converted to slowballs for whole life instead of just converting current snowballs into slowballs. 
  • Slowball power-up was buffed: Slowness I -> Slowness II, 40% chance of Slowness II -> 40% chance of Slowness III.
  • Reflection upgrade was added. If a snowball hits you then there is a chance for it to be reflected back to the enemy. This way the damage that was taken from the snowball is reduced by 50%. The chance of reflection can even be upgraded!
  • Level 1: 0.5% chance for 100 emeralds.
  • Level 2: 1% chance for 200 emeralds.
  • Level 13: 6.5% chance for 1300 emeralds.
  • Level 14: 7% chance for 1400 emeralds.
  • Players now can be attacked with fists. It deals one heart of damage per hit. Now players who ran out of the snowballs have some chance!
  • Now throwable cobwebs and snowmen power-up activation items stack in the inventory.
  • Some messages were made more informative and code of the game was improved overall.
Friendly Survival Update!
A new dimension in Friendly Survival was released! It's called Mysteria. This dimension requires 1 Ender Pearl to unlock. It’s the smallest dimension of all – only 450x450 blocks. But don’t be ashamed – it changes every day! It's a mysterious unpredictable dimension, one day it may be a cold taiga, another day it may be a hot desert! 
  • The End dimension does not reset daily anymore.
  • Now end crystals automatically respawn after ender dragon spawn.
  • Obsidian towers can no longer be broken by players.
  • Now if the home location is blocked by blocks then the coordinates are told to the player.
  • The Golden Dragon was replaced by the normal Ender Dragon.
  • Talisman of Miner from Slimefun was disabled due to it not working properly.
  • You can no longer place gold and iron ores mined without Silk Touch due to duplication exploits.
  • Giants now will be neutral to a player. But if you have full iron armour or any piece of diamond armour, they become hostile.
  • Fixed universe dimensional warps being able to be removed for inactivity.
  • Fixed unlimited range /tpa exploit.
  • Fixed a duplication glitch related to mining experience.
  • Fixed phantom blocks sometimes appearing after breaking a custom player head from Slimefun/Exotic Garden.
Additions and Changes
  • Friend system was rewritten and optimized!
  • Added a couple of aliases to commands. (Like /fl)
  • Frost Archer's ability to turn water into ice was replaced with Frost Walker I enchantment that was added to the boots of Frost Archer in Elemental Archers.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed being able to have a friend named "None".
  • Fixed game start XP progress bar could sometimes freeze or become stuck at the wrong second if the game start was cancelled.
  • Fixed some bugs with spectator teleportation in Spleent.
  • Fixed block-type activation items not activating if the placement destination is blocked by an entity.
  • Fixed insta-mining triggering Gbot AntiCheat autoclicker detection.
  • Fixed swimming in 1.13 sometimes triggering GBot AntiCheat detection.
  • Fixed riding on a horse sometimes triggering GBot AntiCheat detection.

Update summary was written by Vampire_Artyom.