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Weekly Summary 23rd July - 29th July
Hey everyone! Another Weekly Summary is here!

Elemental Archers Update!
  • Creepers spawned from Creeper Archer's passive ability now target enemies automatically.             
  • Skeletons and creepers now have permanent Wither I effect. 
  • You'll no longer spawn near other players in Deathmatch Mode.
  • Frost Archer's Harming Potions are now in the same slot.
  • Particles from potion effects have been removed.
  • You now take fall damage if you are under 'feet shot' effect.
  • You no longer sometimes get launched into the air if under 'feet shot' effect.

Improved GBot AntiCheat!
  • Now almost all fly hacks are easily detectable!

Waiting Lobby Spawnpoint System Revamp!
  • A Redstone Repeater was added to all waiting lobbies. This way you can teleport to the spawnpoint of the waiting lobby. Now if you run far away and want to go back - you can now easily teleport back!

Additions and Changes:
  • Maps are now sorted according to the map rating.
  • You can now cancel units which are in the queue by clicking on them; you'll get all of your gold refunded in Castle Wars.
  • Old-School Survival dynamic map was removed.
  • Giants are now 6 times rarer in Friendly Survival.

Bug Fixes:
  • Main Hub/General:
  • Fixed slabs not respawning.
  • Fixed ability entities not despawning.

  • Fixed not being able to move at all in Checkers.
  • Fixed Chicken Shoot game ending 1 second too early.
  • Fixed "Leave the game" items not disappearing in 1 vs 1 games.
  • Fixed YOUR TEAM/ENEMY TEAM messages being not properly colored in Snowball and EA: TDM.
  • Fixed a couple of other small bugs.
  • Fixed almost all games starting 1 second too early.

Update summary was written by Vampire_Artyom