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Weekly Summary July 16th to July 22nd
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03 Apr 2017
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18 Sep 2020
Weekly Summary July 16th – July 22nd
Hey everyone! The long-awaited 1.13 was released along with 1000th update! The server has stepped into the PSI era. A lot of additions, changes and bug fixes this week!

1.13 Support!
1.13 is now supported on the server! It's extremely buggy right now, so testing is required! Please remember to report any server bugs you find either on the discord or the Bug Reports forum!

Checkers Update!
Checkers were remade and optimized!
  • A lot of optimizations!
  • Turn count now increases after every turn of the Stone team.(every team's turn previously)
  • Checkers are now placed on the black fields. (White before)
  • Queens are now properly removed after death.
  • Fixed getting out of the map in the waiting lobby.
  • Fixed selecting unplayable checkers.
  • Fixed a small movement display bug.

Castle Wars Update!
Everything you have never ever dreamed of! New unit queue system! Remade unit hiring! Teleport!
  • You no longer have to click per 1.5 seconds to recruit units. Now you can queue them so they appear automatically.
  • A new very fancy GUI! It shows the queue and hiring progress of your units. No more hotbar hiring!
  • New Ability - Teleport! No more Sneak-Boosting!
  • Fixed the unit selection of the previous game not clearing properly.
  • Fixed game not ending if the king disappears.

Ability PvP Update!
  • Added Rapid Fire ability to Ability PvP. It allows you to set your opponents on fire and deal massive damage!
  • Lighting Ability now deals more damage as you get closer to it. Be aware of it, insta-kills are now possible!
  • Lighting Ability radius was buffed to 3. (2 before) This prevents you from neglecting all of the lightning damage.
  • Fixed fire not rollbacking at all.
  • Fixed permanent block placing exploit using Lighting Ability.
  • Fixed some non-solid blocks not rollbacking sometimes.
  • Fixed destroying blocks near the NPC-s.

Perk amount in Spleent is growing!
A brand new perk - Creeper Chance Perk. It grants you a chance to spawn a Friendly Creeper where you snowball hits.
Level 1: 5% chance for 200 emeralds
Level 2: 10% chance for 400 emeralds

Level 9: 45% chance for 1800 emeralds
Level 10: 50% chance for 2000 emeralds

Snowball Update!
  • Added lootable melons to Assault and Aztec maps.
  • Melon blocks in maps now always give 3 melons. (1-3 before)
  • 4 snowballs are now required to kill Snowmen. (3 before)
  • Snowmen now shoot faster and sometimes shoot up to 2 snowballs simultaneously.
  • Snowballs now stack up to 80 in one slot. (64 before)
  • Fixed special snowballs not functioning at all.
  • Fixed snowball unstacking.

Other Changes and Additions
  • General: Skins from /skin command are now saved and kept after relogging.
  • Knockout: If Immortality Perk activates it’s announced to all players.
  • EA: Now you can't shoot for 3 seconds after being shot to the arm. (5 before)
  • EA: If Lifesteal Arrow Ability activates, it's announced to all players.
  • EA: Fireball Ability cooldown is now shown in the EXP bar.
Bug Fixes
General/Main Hub
  • Fixed joining two games simultaneously.
  • Fixed a server crash using fireworks.
  • Fixed liquids flowing in the main hub.
  • Fixed villager skin mode activating not on purpose.
  • Fixed being stuck on booster pressure plates. 
  • Fixed time not lapsing correctly.

Elemental Archers
  • Fixed guards attacking team members in TDM.
  • Fixed being able to attack your team's mobs and guards in TDM.
  • Fixed being able to shoot if your arm got shot while you were charging the bow.

  • Fixed respawning near players.
  • Fixed being immortal while being damaged by a cactus.
  • Fixed snowballs from Snowman Perk going into different slots.
  • Fixed pull eggs not being removed after death.

  • Creative: Fixed a griefing exploit using Ender Crystals.
  • Chicken Shoot: Fixed map info being incorrect. 
  • Spleent: Fixed Super Jump Perk not being upgradable.

As usual, please remember to report any bugs you find either on the discord or the Bug Reports forum!
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