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by Govindas » about 1 year ago
Weekly Update summaries are now back, they have been gone for a while due to our previous weekly update summary writer(Teewie) not having time for it anymore, now we have new update summary writer - Vampire_Artyom! They will be back to being up-to-date, hopefully!
Hey everyone! 
A lot of new updates this week.
Spleent Update!
Ever wanted to shoot TNT even faster and make your opponents fall into the void quicker? Introducing the extended shop! Couldn't play Spleent because it was too laggy for you? Now you can! 
  • The shop was remade completely! It now uses the latest server's shop format.
  • New cannon upgrades! Now it's not only every resource type but also enchanted ones, so now there are 9 different cannons! Ranging from Wood to Enchanted Diamond Cannon!
  • No more lag in Spleent for weak computers! A new button in the shop to toggle falling blocks animation ON/OFF! Before Spleent was a bit laggy on weak computers due to the enormous amount of falling blocks, now it isn't, you can disable the display of falling blocks just for yourself!
  • Some small bug fixes.
The Mining Camp Update!
Are you tired of the cheaters in the game? Now it's impossible to cheat!
  • A new mining system! Now players need to only click on a block once, then the block will automatically break and give the resources. This way editing mining speed with cheats is now impossible since block mining is not handled purely server-side.
  • Now every pickaxe upgrade grants you extra mining speed, so you will no more get your mining speed decreased by the new pickaxe tiers.
  • Rage mode length has been increased from 5 seconds to 6 seconds and now it always instantly breaks blocks, no matter what pickaxe you have.
Castle Wars Update!
Never liked archers AI? Thought were too dumb? Introducing the new AI. Now smarter than ever!
Archers AI was improved a lot. They now can:
  • Flee from combat.
  • Adjust their position if a shot was missed.
  • Shoot from a longer range. (15 --> 30 meters)
  • Shoot with a differently charged bow based on the distance they are from the target.
New rating system!
Finally, you can judge how good our maps are using brand-new 5-star rating system!
Right now these games are supported:
  • Snowball
  • Govindas Survival Games
  • Spleent
  • Mini Sky Walls
  • Elemental Archers
  • Knockout
  • Bomberman
New Maps!
Check out the awesome new maps!
New Elemental Archers: TDM map! Called League and built by server co-creator - Ultra_NC. 

It has one awesome feature: if you approach the opposite team's towers and get too close to them you'll get smited by the lightning bolts!
Be incredibly careful!
The 12th map of Snowball called Aztec. It was built by Butterbacon16.

Feel the new and most rainy map of Snowball!
The 13th map of Snowball called Assault. It was built by TheLuigiPlayer.

Coincidence? The 13th map was added in the week which had Friday 13th in it. 
Minor Additions
  • New action bar in Snowball. It displays the speed and delay of your snowball shot. 
Minor Changes
  • Cooldown in Elemental Archers is now displayed in the XP bar, not in the action bar.
  • Now melon looting in Snowball is separated per map.
Bug Fixes
  • No Sprinting modifier in 1v1 no longer breaks if a golden apple was eaten. To avoid this, golden apples got replaced with normal apples working as golden.
  • Snowballs can no longer destroy paintings in Snowball.
  • Some games are no longer endless.
  • Item frames can no longer be rotated if the player is in the adventure mode.

As usual, please remember to report any bugs you find either on the discord or the Bug Reports forum!
Update post was written by Vampire_Artyom.