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IGN: Govindas
by Govindas » about 1 year ago

Hey everyone!

We’ve got some cool new stuff for you this week, so let’s jump right in!



Ever wanted to be something else? Maybe a mob? A creeper perhaps? Well, now you can!

Disguises have been added as a new cosmetic feature!


Current list of disguises;

  • Zombie, Zombie Pigman, Skeleton and Villager as VIP only

  • Snowman disguise to be unlocked during the next Christmas event

  • Rabbit disguise, awarded for finding all 8 easter eggs

  • Creeper disguise, awarded for inviting 5 active friends using /ref


Some disguises will also work in game!

Zombie, Zombie Pigman and Skeleton disguises are supported by all gamemodes

Villager and Creeper are supported by the survival modes and games where armor doesn’t play a big role (knockout, spleent etc)

Rabbit only works in the lobbies, creative world and survival modes


You will be automatically undisguised and disguised when you join/leave games that don’t support your currently selected disguise. Disguises also stay exactly where they should be (in place of your body!) upon relogging.


Minor Additions

  • Cows, sheep, mooshrooms and chickens are now rideable in Friendly Survival

  • Added a “You shot homing arrow” action bar message in Elemental Archers


Minor Changes

  • Any mob you’re riding or you’ve tamed within 2 blocks of you will now follow you across dimensions in Friendly Survival

  • You no longer need to be on top of a Dimensional Warp to use it in Friendly Survival

  • /ref command has expanded with new information

  • The King in Castle Wars has gotten greedier! Gold gained from King kills has been reduced (5 gold > 3 gold)

  • You now have to confirm switching to/from the villager skin - no more accidental villagers running around!

  • Cows in Friendly Survival can no longer be killed and can instead be sheared for leather (1-2 leather per cow, regrows every 3 hours)

  • Tamed wolves can now be killed if their owner has been offline for more than 30 days in Friendly Survival

  • Interacting with a wolf in Friendly Survival will now tell you its owner

  • Widened water holes in “Circle” and tree entrance in “Camper’s Dream” in Knockout

Bug Fixes

  • You should now teleport correctly to respawn points on slabs in Snowball

  • Green Apple drop rates now properly increase as you play

  • Creepers should no longer target Creeper Archers in Elemental Archers

  • Nature Archer V and IV root chance has been switched back around and is now once again in order in Elemental Archers

  • Nature Archer II once again gets a normal, non-ability bow in Elemental Archers

  • The game will once again yell at you when you lose all your lives in Elemental Archers Deathmatch


As always, please remember to report any bugs you find either on the discord or the Bug Reports forum!

Update post written by Teewie