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by Govindas » about 1 year ago

Hey everyone!

Things have been a bit slower this week, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still plenty to talk about for this week’s summary!


Dynamic Map for Old School Survival!

A brand new dynamic map has been added to give you an awesome overview of the entirety of the Old School Survival world - check it out here and let us know what you think!


- Please note that while this is currently only available for Old School Survival, we do intend to eventually expand it to more gamemodes.


Reward Green Apple revamp!

Ever been annoyed because you never win games and therefore don’t find any reward apples? Well, I have good news for you then!

Apples will now be rewarded simply for playing games rather than winning. The longer you spend playing games, the more likely you are to find one!

To go along with this change there is now also a daily limit per player(randomly selected between 1 and 3 apples) to avoid apple farming.


And remember to keep your eyes peeled for new apple rewards in the future!


Minor Additions

  • Elemental Archers ability arrows now glow

  • Map voting is now available for Elemental Archers Team Deathmatch


Minor Changes

  • Improved server security by blocking plugins from connecting to websites they don’t need to

  • Increased delay between action bar tips (10 seconds > 30 seconds)

  • Extended Castle Wars Archer’s range (14 blocks > 20 blocks)

  • Improved Castle Wars Archer’s AI and aim


Bug Fixes

  • Ender Archer will no longer teleport to the void

  • Nature Archer’s thorns definitely work now… for sure!

  • Elemental Archers guards will once again do their job

  • Elemental Archers “SkyBridge” map now has guards

  • Removed Husks from Old School Survival

  • Snow biomes in Old School Survival should no longer be covered in 2 snow layers - if you find biomes that do, please use /report bug and include the biome coordinates!

  • Castle Wars Archers will once again continue to shoot after the first arrow

  • Castle Wars draw message now works as it should


As usual, please remember to report any bugs you find either on the discord or the Bug Reports forum!

Update post written by Teewie