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IGN: Govindas
by Govindas » about 1 year ago

Hey everyone!
It’s time for the weekly summary once again and this time we have a couple brand new goodies in store for you!


New gamemode - Ability PvP!
Become the magical mastermind of your dreams on the battlefield of the brand new experimental gamemode replacing the old Kit PvP under the main lobby!


The current list of abilities is as follows;

  • Fireball - Shoots a fireball which burns nearby players

  • Bounce - Bounces once, then explodes

  • Lightning - Summons a lightning strike at a designated location

  • Arrow - Shoots an arrow

Shot speed can be adjusted by sneak + left click to increase and sneak + right click to decrease. Max speed is the default.


Have an awesome idea for a new ability? Feel free to suggest it on the Govindas Limework discord server or the Ideas and Feedback forum.


Elemental Archers update - New map & bug fixes!

The Battle of the Elements is heating up with the brand new Team Deathmatch map “SkyBridge” by StartBuilding!


Elemental Archers additions, changes & bug fixes;

  • Added Player Radar compass to Team Deathmatch

  • Homing Arrows no longer aim for Ender Archers

  • Undead Archer’s Life Steal ability now also heals for 2x damage dealt

  • Fixed respawning on the spot you died

  • End Crystals are now removed when the game ends

  • Thorns enchant does damage again!


Minor Additions

  • Added Lumberjacks to The Mining Camp - They will chop logs at a rate of 2/min and cost 150 gold ingots (+150 * amount)

  • Furnace smelting upgrades now show current and max level in The Mining Camp

  • Links now work in chat! (http and https will break the link)

  • Voting rewards are back! Voting works once a day and rewards you with 100 emeralds - right click the voting NPC for voting links


Minor Changes

  • Removed a big empty room under the lobby PvP arena

  • Improved hit delay - lava/fire/burn damage is now much less likely to cancel a melee attack

  • Rewrote smelting in The Mining Camp to optimize server performance

  • Removed automatic teleporting back to the start when taking suffocation damage in Parkour

  • The server now uses player render distance instead of server - if you’re experiencing lag server side, try lowering your render distance

  • Night Vision no longer shows particles in Creative World

  • Someone turned off the lights on the website!


Bug Fixes

  • Nether Wart, Saddle and Name Tag recipes in Friendly Survival now work again

  • “Smelt 10 Gold Ingot” button in The Mining Camp no longer only smelts 1 ingot

  • Upgrading your furnace in The Mining Camp will no longer close the inventory

  • Fixed a false ban triggered by jumping below Y 56


Please remember to report any bugs you find either on the discord or the Bug Reports forum!

Update post written by Teewie