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IGN: BabyDuckFan
by BabyDuckFan » about 1 year ago
Because I couldn't find it anywhere on the website (might have to check my eyesight), I think you should add the link somewhere on the Home page.
I also think there should be a dark green theme for the limework's website; This one hurts when you get to look at it for more than 30min...
 P.S: Still can't play atm with the autoban.

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IGN: MrLavaa
by MrLavaa » about 1 year ago
I am getting our staff team to unban you. The unbanana command is not working for Moderators at the moment. In addition, seems like a good idea. I’m telling Govindas this one. Thanks for your idea!



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IGN: Govindas
by Govindas » about 1 year ago
Just wanted to add my reply to this, I had the same idea, but I had forgot it, thanks for reminding me it xD will make it.
I agree with eye hurting, I probably will have to undo my effort in converting blue theme into green and making it blue again.
@MrLavaa please do not lock threads if there's no need to.