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Discord: Govindas#8889
IGN: Govindas
8 months ago

We have just released a new Parkour map: Race, built by GBBGerben!

It is a parkour of Easy difficulty, something our Parkour gamemode lacked for a really long time - all parkours were only for more experienced parkourers

and together with this new map release, I want to announce a competition

starting from this message, till December 6th, TOP 3 fastest time parkourers in Race parkour will be awarded!

:first_place::first_place: #1: 15,000 Emeralds
:second_place: #2: 7,500 Emeralds
:third_place: #3: 3,000 Emeralds

All parkour playthroughs will be automatically recorded by our system, so we will be able to verify every playthrough if it is legitimate.

Good luck parkouring!

Race Parkour map

Last edited: 8 months ago