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Discord: Govindas#8889
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7 months ago

We recently had a downtime of a bit over 24 hours at October 6th - 7th due to our VPS plan expiring and the developer that was responsible for its payments has went missing in action unexpectedly, on this server we ran our website, proxy and database servers so without it our whole network became unreachable.

I had to buy a new VPS in a rush and re-setup everything on it so we can get everything back up.

I had taken backup of most important data just 1 day before it, so it took only 1-2 days to restore the data that wasn't backed up.

The new VPS is of far better resources, so it'll improve our network stability in the future, so there is a good thing out of this situation!

For the most part everything is now back to its places!

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