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Requirements for any staff member rank
You must be age of 13 or higher and mature(no trolling ideas, etc.)
You must follow all the server rules
You must have enough time for the server, at least few hours a week, inactivity is only allowed for a short temporary time.
You must have Discord for contacting other staff team members.(microphone is optional)
You must not be annoying to the staff team, for example: answering player questions with wrong answers, asking very many questions about applying to the staff team etc.
You must not have broken any of the server rules in last 1 month.
If you meet all the above requirements, you also need to meet the specific staff rank requirements below
Moderator Requirements
You must not be a staff member in any other servers unless they are small community private servers.
You must have a very good knowledge of the server content, so you can answer most of the player questions.(Must have played every server's game at least once)
You must be very good at English language.
You must be good at explaining, to be able to explain how specific games work, etc. to players.
You must have a lot of knowledge of minecraft modifications known as "hacks" and see the difference between professional/laggy minecraft players and real cheaters.
You must be good at working together with other staff team members and good at handling arguments, text fights etc. Making them end.
You must be good at keeping players online, moderator's job is to get more players on the server & keep them online for longer by playing with them, helping them etc.
You must enforce the server rules.
If you think you meet all the requirements of Moderator you can apply here (Must be registered on the website)
Builder Requirements
You must have a lot of building ideas, be creative and have a good building talent in building very good looking maps & maps which have a good gameplay.
You must be good at working as a team with other builders.(most of the times builders build alone, but sometimes they build together)
You must be able to finish builds in specific times, for example, 7 days, 14 days etc.(depends on build size)
You must show your building skill in your plot in Creative World.
If you think you meet all the requirements of Builder you can apply here
If your Builder application gets my interest you will be given a job and if you do it well, you will be accepted.

If you think you meet all the requirements, feel free to apply! But if you get denied, please do not keep asking why, etc. I always like to accept more staff members who are able to help me with my hard job, but I accept staff members depending on if they fit to work together with me and they are really good at doing their job, if I do not think that you fit, I do not accept.