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IGN: Govindas
by Govindas » over 2 years ago
Hello everyone! Server is back up, sorry for the down time of about 2 weeks, we didn't have enough money to pay for hosting anymore. Thanks to XxMimmiTheBabexX for donation. During the down time I made huge 1v1, Knockout and GBot updates, at the time I'm writing this post I'm working on huge Spleent update! I'm going to update every game 1 by 1, because I have made a new game core which is much better than old one, so when I move a game on to new game core I also make a big update for it, new game core contains better/new features such as: death after spectating, better game start timers, better game end messages, game draw timers and much more optimized code, so huge party joins shouldn't cause noticeable lag anymore.