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by Vampire_Artyom » 2 months ago
Because of some problems appearing, server development was slowed and the update summaries did the same. But better late than never, so here you are, get into one of the smallest summaries of all time! [1/4]

Rebalancing Update!

  • Limit of care packages one player may receive per match in GSG was increased. [1 --> 3]
  • Win rewards in Govindas SG, Knockout, Mini Sky Walls and Spleent now use the following formula: 
9 * {playercount} 
  • Crystal of Life destruction reward in Mini Sky Walls was increased. [5 --> 20] 
  • Final kill reward in Mini Sky Walls was increased. [5 --> 15]
  • You no longer receive emeralds for losing in Spleent, Snowball, Mini Sky Walls and Elemental Archers.
  • Kill reward in Spleent was increased. [10 --> 15]


  • GL-263 When a private game ends, you get auto-queued into a public game instead of the same private game.
  • GL-264 Private game start gets announced to everyone.
  • GL-265 Whenever an ore gets insta-replaced by the upgrade it keeps wrong mining animation in TMC.
  • GL-266 You can't earn XP in the Realm of Almarath.
  • GL-267 Links aren't clickable in chat channels and private messages.
  • GL-268 VIP and VIP+ and Player aren't given properly in Discord if you meet the requirements for them in-game.
  • GL-269 /unlinkaccount does not remove all roles properly.
  • GL-270 Cookie Clicker data is gone.
  • GL-271 Chat lines formatting of explanation of hotbar items of units in Castle Wars is wrong.
  • GL-272 Spectators of GSG get 8 emeralds at the end of the game.