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by Vampire_Artyom » 4 months ago
Castle Wars update spree continues (with a pinch of Friendly Survival and other stuff)! Tons of improvements, optimisations and bugfixes await you!

General Changes

  • Giant one-year long performance problem, causing 100% CPU usage was finally solved! It mostly affected these gamemodes:
    • Friendly Survival
    • Realm of Almarath
    • Castle Wars
  • Keepalive timeout was increased! [30 seconds ---> 120 seconds] 
  • This will greatly help players with connection problems to not get kicked.
  • /tps command is now available for all players, so it's now possible to check if that it is the player lag which is intact or it is the server lag.
  • The voting menu in all minigames no longer automatically opens.
  • There is now an XP progress bar showing when you can poop in the Main Lobby.
  • Payment methods were updated in our webstore, now paying via cards is possible using PayPal.

Castle Wars Update!

General CW Changes!

  • Sign item functionality was merged with wood sword functionality. 
  • Sign Item was removed completely.
  • When you select hotbar item for the first time, it will now tell its usage in the chat.
  • Training queue slots were moved down so they are more noticeable and not hidden by lore.
  • You are no longer forced to fly.
  • You can now move units closer to the enemy's king.
  • Formations now pathfind better.
  • Unit pathfinding distance limit was increased. [100 blocks --> 250 blocks] 
  • Draw timer was added to the scoreboard.


  • Combat AI was massively optimised.
  • Wall building was optimised.
  • Unit selection system was optimised.
  • Emblems system was optimised.
  • Horse mounting system was optimised.
  • Troops death system was optimised.

Troop-related Changes

Creepers AI Remake & Changes! 
  • Creepers which are on aggressive stance will now walk to the nearest enemy and explode. 
  • But they will only walk to walls on stand Ground Stance. Walls are a higher priority than enemies. 
  • If a Creeper is walking to a wall, they will ignore other targets.
  • Creeper  was reduced. [40 --> 20]
  • Creeper speed was increased a little bit.
Archer Realistic Shooting & Rebalances
  • Archers aiming now works as in the real world! 
    • It now uses ballistic movement! 
    • Archers now shoot at a certain angle to reach enemies located further from the player.
  • Archer arrow speed was decreased.
  • Archer damage was increased. [3 ---> 4]
Other Troop Changes
  • All troops now regenerate 0.25 / second.
  • Wizard's health loss was decreased.

Chains Map Improvements!

  • More light around castles and roads was added. 
  • Made all chains climbable to be fairer for all sides.

Other CW Changes

  • Amount of entities flowing in the river in Oasis map was reduced.
  • Emblem editing (/emblem) in-game now updates Emblems every 5 seconds, no longer requiring new game start.

Friendly Survival Update!

New TIPs System!

  • This system will gradually take over all gamemodes! 
  • It prevents tips which you have seen recently from being shown.
  • Tips are dependent on the world, so different dimensions may tell you different useful information! 
  • Tips are sent every 5 minutes, if you have seen all the tips recently, none will be sent.
  • Tip of a possibility to track world spawn is now shown when you execute /spawn.

Main FS Mechanic Changes

  • Realistic Water Mechanics plugin's performance received a giant boost update.
  • Realistic Water Mechanics work much smoother now.
  • /survivalrules command is now coloured differently than the other message.
  • Gravity is now less strict, now support is needed every 8 blocks. [7 blocks --> 8 blocks]

EA & Snowball Tweaks

  • The formula for points needed to win in some of Elemental Archers modes was changed from players * 25 to players * 15.
  • Dying multiple times in a row no longer reduces points in the Juggernaut mode in both Snowball and Elemental Archers.
  • Spawn protection was removed in Juggernaut mode in both Snowball and Elemental Archers.


  • GL-226 Creative World stuff conflicts with Castle Wars.
  • GL-227 Horse archers do not have bow charge animation in Castle Wars.
  • GL-228 Horse archers shoot x2 faster than normal archers in Castle Wars.
  • GL-229 Most troops are unable to regenerate in Castle Wars.
  • GL-230 Creepers do x2 more damage than they should in Castle Wars.
  • GL-231 You can put items into your second hand in Castle Wars.
  • GL-232 Spawn movement is buggy in Castle Wars.
  • GL-233 You can fly in Main Lobby if you exit server while in spectator mode.
  • GL-234 Creepers do not spawn in The Mining Camp.
  • GL-235 You can shoot with a bow in Castle Wars.
  • GL-236 Mobs deal double damage in the Realm of Almarath.
  • GL-237 Units walk in a circle if you tell them to move further than the pathfinding limit (100) in Castle Wars.
  • GL-238 Palms of Tree Growth System have glass/cocoa bean in wrong places when they grow.
  • GL-239 Archers can pick up loot in Castle Wars.


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