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by Vampire_Artyom » 4 months ago
Summary [3/3]! Giant Castle Wars Update and Sprays [Beta] release with a pinch of bugfixes!

Castle Wars Update!

New Map!

A new awesome map was added! It is named Oasis and was built by a lot of people from the Govindas Limework staff team. The whole list of contributors by order of contribution below: 
CREATOR Govindas
CO-CREATOR Vampire_Artyom
BUILDER Bluey10429
BUILDER uwubunny 

  • The map has a River in the middle with actual simulated River flow! You can see leaves and similar stuff flowing in the river! 
  • Units can now easily walk in 1-meter deep water. 
  • Units slowly swim in 2+ meter deep water.

New Pathfinding AI! 

  • All units now have a new awesome Pathfinding AI!
  • It is much smarter and units no longer get randomly stuck on blocks.
  • Units can finally walk long distances without getting stuck and walk on rough terrain. 
  • Also, the Pathfinding AI was optimised overall.

Death messages for troops!

  • They are made that way which won't spam the chat. 
  • Death messages are sent with a 5-second cooldown to prevent spam. 
  • Example of the message: "Wizard has killed Archer (x10)"

Archers Rebalance!

  • Archers now deal more than x2.4 less damage.
  • The velocity of shot arrows was increased.
  • Stand Ground stance is now enabled by default for archers.
  • Custom bow charging animation system! 
  • They now charge their bows in synchronisation with shooting arrows.
  • Archers now don't always have 100% accuracy. 
  • First arrow shot is less accurate than the next ones. 
  • Archers never completely miss.
  • Archers are unable to shoot while swimming.

New Horse Archer AI!

  • First and most importantly, Horse Archer AI now works.
  • Horse Archers can now shoot while being moved by the player. 
  • You can just move them around the enemy castle at high speeds and have enemies eliminated, they are awesome for quick and fast-paced attacks. 

Wizards Rebalance!

  • Wizard's arrow blocking ability now has 3 block radius (2 --> 3).
  • Wizards now lose less health from the ability above.
  • Wizard will no longer use magic when his health is too low to avoid death and regenerate health back to normal.

Gather Point!

  • Gather point selection was added. Use DROP KEY with a wooden sword to open it, afterwards select unit and their gather point will be set to the block you were looking last at.
  • Unexpectedly, units would gather at that point.


Other Changes

  • All blocks above sold wall now get sold.
  • Bricks are now unplaceable above air blocks.
  • Day and night cycle was introduced!
  • Troop fall damage was reduced by x2.
  • GUI error buttons are now much easier to understand.
  • Example: "Not enough gold!" message would stay on screen until there would be enough gold, instead of disappearing after 0.5 seconds.

[BETA] Sprays!

  • Spray is a 128x128 image, completely fitting into a Minecraft map. 
  • You can use sprays in any minigame, lobby or in Parkour. 
  • They have a 10-second cooldown and a limit of 5 sprays per match if you are in-game
  • Sprays placed outside minigames disappear after 30 seconds. 
  • Sprays placed in minigames are kept until the game end.
  • Sprays are a VIP-only feature.
  • Sprays can be used by pressing the SWITCH HANDS button.


  • GL-214 Voting for special maps doesn't work in Snowball and Govindas SG.
  • GL-215 Double chests do not generate items properly in Govindas SG.
  • GL-216 Line formation prevents units from going through the bridge.
  • GL-217 Slimefun trees appear in Castle Wars map. 
  • GL-218 King of the Castle drops his sword on the game end.
  • GL-219 Emblem drawing doesn't work.
  • GL-220 You could place wall blocks outside your area.
  • GL-221 Blocks outside your area are not being properly reset.
  • GL-222 If a player stands directly inside a troop, archers cannot kill that troop. 
  • GL-223 Arrows can not go through horses of teammates.
  • GL-224 Many troops try to mount the same horse.
  • GL-225 Troops killed stat isn't being reset at the start of a new match.