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The current week was heavily dedicated to making the server more new-player-friendly, finishing up huge technical systems which were left unfinished since we have split to bungee and further improvement of the Mini Sky Walls gamemode! Enjoy the summary!

Mini Sky Walls Update!

Additions & Balances

  • New Archer Class!
  • Cost: 1500 Emeralds.
  • Requirement: 10+ Elemental Archers wins.
  • Starting Items: Bow
  • On-Death Extra Items: +5 Arrows
  • Enchanter Class now receives +1 Lapis Lazuli as On-Death Extra Items.

Quality of Life Changes

  • Beacon is now removed when the temporary grace period ends.
  • Crafting system code was optimised.
  • Sticks were added to the crafting menu.
  • Walls falling down timer was added to the action bar.
  • Grace period timer was added to the action bar.
  • "Your crystal is under attack!" alert was added to the action bar.
  • You get notified in the chat when you get a class item.
  • The class you are using is now announced to all of your teammates.
  • Having not enough place in the inventory now makes the class item to drop.
  • Shops menu is now much more comfortable.

New Database System!

We have just received a new amazing database system! It's is incredibly reliable and easy to manage! Expect update rates to be much higher starting with next week! Enormous thanks to our awesome DEVELOPER LeMemes for sorting out everything with it!


Main Lobby NPCs Hierarchy!

  • The reason behind this change is to show new players that we are also focused on persistent modes. This allows new players to fully enjoy playing on the server with low online.
  • The number of NPCs has been highly reduced. 
  • There are now only 7 NPCs left.
  • The NPCs left are dedicated to all the persistent gamemodes & only 1 NPC is now dedicated to the minigames. 


  • GL-302 You can destroy normally unbreakable blocks using the beacon in MSW.
  • GL-303 You can get killed by flying above the map as a spectator in MSW.
  • GL-304 Death messages are weird when you get killed by a mob server-wide.

16 Jun 2019, 21:58 0 | 3
We've realised that our Mini Sky Walls gamemode has tremendous potential. Because of that, next weeks will be dedicated to getting this gamemode polished, updated & bugfree.
Apart from that, we are actively working on finishing the server transfer to the bungee system and getting rid of the pesky bungee-related bugs which were found in the meantime.

Mini Sky Walls Update!

Quality of Life Changes

  • Any pickaxe tier is now sufficient to mine any ore.
  • If you are already under Haste effect from the Haste Perk, it will now reset the buff time instead of not activating at all.
  • Haste effect now lasts only for 1.5 seconds. [3 seconds --> 1.5 seconds]
  • There is now a message when the Ender Dragon is spawned.
  • Eating bread now grants you Regeneration I effect for 5 seconds.
  • You now get healed by 2 ⤠on a player kill.
  • Kit requirements are now shown in the kit description even after you have bought the kit.

Map Modifications

  • The block below player spawnpoints was changed to Bedrock.
  • Lapis Lazuli ores were added to the bottom of the islands.
  • The Gold Block was replaced with a Lucky Block in the Skies of Caribbean map.


  • GL-299 Resource pack sending results in being kicked from the server.
  • GL-300 Ender crystals can be killed by TNT in Mini Sky Walls.
  • GL-301 Team chat does not work server-wide.

16 Jun 2019, 21:26 0 | 2
This week wasn't flourishing with updates, but a huge amount of work was done! We're splitting the server to a bungee system, which will boost its performance by a lot! 

Network Progress

  • Server-to-server teleportation.
  • Server-to-server stat transfer system.
  • Creation of a separate Friendly Survival server.
  • Making a core script which will contain the needs of every server (private messages, basic commands).
  • Splitting Friendly Survival from the base server.

08 Jun 2019, 08:33 0 | 4
Hello everybody! This week we present to you a huge Bomberman update, multi-language system rewrite & 1.14 OSS support. Enjoy the changes!


Old-School Survival is now supported by 1.14!

Big thanks to our CO-CREATOR Erivamp for updating the texture pack,


Bomberman Update!

New powerup: Portal.

  • It creates 2 Portal blocks on the map! One will be located on your location and the second one at a random location on the map.
  • The portals last for 15 seconds.
  • Portals never spawn inside other players.
  • Bombs kicked into the portals will be teleported accordingly.
  • Portals can teleport bomb fire. Use this for your advantage!
  • Teleporting sounds are played to nearby players.

Kick Revamp

  • Bombs get kicked smoothly.
  • Bombs kicked into the portals will be teleported accordingly.
  • Now you can't kick Bombs which are located on the Soul Sand.

Other Bomberman Changes

  • Bomb system now uses armour stands with TNT instead of TNT blocks.
  • Bomb placement sounds are now played to all players around.
  • Bomberman code was highly optimised.

Other Changes

  • Fire Archer's fireball ability damage was reduced by 50%.
  • Multi-language support now has better performance & maintainability.


  • GL-294 Tallgrass drops are incorrect in OSS.
  • GL-295 Frost Archer class only gets only boots in EA.
  • GL-296 No one gets a class on start when balanced teams modifier is activated in EA.
  • GL-297 You can hit your teammates using melee attacks in EA.
  • GL-298 The old points calculation formula is used in some scoreboards.

26 May 2019, 11:31 0 | 5
The server development should be back in pace now! This week we present to you some Quality of Life changes, performance improvements & lots of bugs being addressed which were found in the previous weeks. 


Quality of Life Changes!


  • /stats command cooldown was reduced. [9 seconds --> 1 second]
  • Now after accepting the texture pack of OSS or FS, you get teleported to the game instantly after the pack is downloaded.
  • Fire and Lily Pad block sprint Trails are now VIP+ only.

Govindas Survival Games

  • Chest system's code was optimised.
  • Time until the game ends with a draw was reduced. [15 min --> 12 min]
  • Weapon Speed lore in items now says how much time exactly it takes between hits.
  • Starter potion effects no longer have particles enabled.

Friendly Survival

  • Realistic Water Mechanics were optimised.


  • GL-234 Creepers do not spawn in The Mining Camp.
  • GL-280 All players may get into the same team in team games when balanced teams modifier is not enabled.
  • GL-281 Knockout does not end properly.
  • GL-282 Checkers wins/losses are shown as 0 in the Waiting Lobby when they aren't.
  • GL-283 Chickens do not spawn in Chicken Shoot with 1 player left in the game.
  • GL-284 Spectators do not get teleported out of the Chicken Shoot on game end.
  • GL-285 You can't open chests while levitating down in Gaia: The New Earth map.
  • GL-286 You can bypass deathmatch teleportation by throwing ender pearl right before teleportation.
  • GL-287 Golden apples are uncraftable server-wide.
  • GL-288 You can die in Knockout before the game start.
  • GL-289 You can open hoppers in Main Lobby.
  • GL-290 Minigame waiting timer does not reset instantly when all player but 1 leave the game.
  • GL-291 Hits stat is tracked weirdly in Knockout.
  • GL-292 Regeneration animation appears above player heads even when it's not necessary.
  • GL-293 Victory dances do not work completely.

19 May 2019, 21:33 0 | 5