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The server development should be back in pace now! This week we present to you some Quality of Life changes, performance improvements & lots of bugs being addressed which were found in the previous weeks. 


Quality of Life Changes!


  • /stats command cooldown was reduced. [9 seconds --> 1 second]
  • Now after accepting the texture pack of OSS or FS, you get teleported to the game instantly after the pack is downloaded.
  • Fire and Lily Pad block sprint Trails are now VIP+ only.

Govindas Survival Games

  • Chest system's code was optimised.
  • Time until the game ends with a draw was reduced. [15 min --> 12 min]
  • Weapon Speed lore in items now says how much time exactly it takes between hits.
  • Starter potion effects no longer have particles enabled.

Friendly Survival

  • Realistic Water Mechanics were optimised.


  • GL-234 Creepers do not spawn in The Mining Camp.
  • GL-280 All players may get into the same team in team games when balanced teams modifier is not enabled.
  • GL-281 Knockout does not end properly.
  • GL-282 Checkers wins/losses are shown as 0 in the Waiting Lobby when they aren't.
  • GL-283 Chickens do not spawn in Chicken Shoot with 1 player left in the game.
  • GL-284 Spectators do not get teleported out of the Chicken Shoot on game end.
  • GL-285 You can't open chests while levitating down in Gaia: The New Earth map.
  • GL-286 You can bypass deathmatch teleportation by throwing ender pearl right before teleportation.
  • GL-287 Golden apples are uncraftable server-wide.
  • GL-288 You can die in Knockout before the game start.
  • GL-289 You can open hoppers in Main Lobby.
  • GL-290 Minigame waiting timer does not reset instantly when all player but 1 leave the game.
  • GL-291 Hits stat is tracked weirdly in Knockout.
  • GL-292 Regeneration animation appears above player heads even when it's not necessary.
  • GL-293 Victory dances do not work completely.

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The summaries length is shrinking fast, we're hoping to expand it much further next week! But, enjoy the summary while you can. The summary which beats all previous records in its shortness!

Spleent Update!

New game strategies! 

  • Take a block into your empty hand [RMB] to put it on your head and throw it afterwards! [LMB]
  • It's now possible to ride other players! The player you are riding gets Slowness I, but they can simply hit you off! This ability has a little cooldown.
  • TNT now ticks, so you can hear it! The closer it is to an explosion, the faster it ticks!
  • Blocks removal system was improved! After 3 minutes have lapsed, blocks at edges start to cripple down too! It's no longer possible to chill out in one place!


  • GL-278 Block breaking animation looks buggy when a lot of blocks break.
  • GL-279 Disguises are removed completely and not given back after changing from disabled disguise world to enabled disguise world.

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Shortness is the key to success! Short summary. Short overview. [3/4]


New Enhanced 1v1 Visuals!

  • Gates are now animated in 3 of the 1v1 maps! 
  • 1st and 2nd of maps have iron bars smoothly going up like this!

  • The 3rd map has fancy glass disappearance!


  • GL-277 You can jump in Bomberman.

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Easter Time this week! But we have not fully recovered yet, so the summary is really small again :( [2/4]

Easter Egg Hunt!

  • Search for 15 easter eggs in the Main Lobby and find fun rewards! 15 different rewards for each and every easter egg!
  • Unlock Easter Bunny Suit and Rabbit Disguise by finding all the 15 easter eggs!
  • Enjoy Flower Rain and a ton of bunnies!

Other Changes

  • GBot NPC was removed from the Main Lobby.
  • Remaking of 1v1 modifier description system has started.
  • Multiple parts of Gamecore were rewritten.
  • Death messages in Spleent now use a new death message system used in most of the other minigames.


  • GL-273 Golden Apples do not work.
  • GL-274 Ability PvP has no damage animation, no knockback and no hit sounds on hit.
  • GL-275 GBot NPC-related glitches.
  • GL-276 Skies Of Ayulin Govindas SG map causes huge lagspikes. 

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Because of some problems appearing, server development was slowed and the update summaries did the same. But better late than never, so here you are, get into one of the smallest summaries of all time! [1/4]

Rebalancing Update!

  • Limit of care packages one player may receive per match in GSG was increased. [1 --> 3]
  • Win rewards in Govindas SG, Knockout, Mini Sky Walls and Spleent now use the following formula: 
9 * {playercount} 
  • Crystal of Life destruction reward in Mini Sky Walls was increased. [5 --> 20] 
  • Final kill reward in Mini Sky Walls was increased. [5 --> 15]
  • You no longer receive emeralds for losing in Spleent, Snowball, Mini Sky Walls and Elemental Archers.
  • Kill reward in Spleent was increased. [10 --> 15]


  • GL-263 When a private game ends, you get auto-queued into a public game instead of the same private game.
  • GL-264 Private game start gets announced to everyone.
  • GL-265 Whenever an ore gets insta-replaced by the upgrade it keeps wrong mining animation in TMC.
  • GL-266 You can't earn XP in the Realm of Almarath.
  • GL-267 Links aren't clickable in chat channels and private messages.
  • GL-268 VIP and VIP+ and Player aren't given properly in Discord if you meet the requirements for them in-game.
  • GL-269 /unlinkaccount does not remove all roles properly.
  • GL-270 Cookie Clicker data is gone.
  • GL-271 Chat lines formatting of explanation of hotbar items of units in Castle Wars is wrong.
  • GL-272 Spectators of GSG get 8 emeralds at the end of the game.

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